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Simple Authentication module used by PricesPaidGUI and PricesPaidAPI
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Simple Authentication module used by PricesPaidGUI and PricesPaidAPI. This project has almost no stand-alone value apart from the P3 project.

It is, however, a derived CAS (Central Authentication Service) client. As such, it might be interesting to anyone who wants a Python CAS client. It is basecd on the file by Jon Rifkin that may be valuable to someone doing CAS authentication that is NOT using CGI as the original file did.

This is part of the PriceHistory (P3) Project

The PriceHistory (P3) project is market research tool to allow search of purchase transactions. It is modularized into 5 github repositories:

  1. PriceHistoryInstall,
  2. PriceHistoryGUI,
  3. PriceHistoryAPI,
  4. MorrisDataDecorator,
  5. PriceHistoryAuth.

To learn how to install the system, please refer PriceHistoryInstall project, which contains a Vagrant install script. That repo is actively under development in preparation of the Houston Hackathon.

The name "PriceHistory" is descriptive: this project shows you prices that have been paid for things. However, the name is applied to many projects, so "P3" is the specific name of this project.

Licensing: derived work, the rest public domain is copyright Jon Rifkin 2011. This project contains a modified version (a derived work) that is not based on CGI but more appropriately callable by WSGI. is released under the Apache 2.0 license.

Other contributions are public domain. See the LICENSE file for details.