A hosted, shared-service that provides an API key, analytics, and proxy solution for government web services.
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https://api.data.gov is a free API management service for federal agencies. Our aim is to make it easier for agencies to release and manage APIs. You can sign up for a single API key and use it across participating government services here. You can also find our documentation here.


To edit this site, edit the Master branch. Changes should take effect within minutes.

The website content for api.data.gov built with Middleman.

All contributions are welcome. To submit a change, fork this repo, commit your changes, and send us a pull request.

To edit the agency list on the homepage, create or edit a page like this for each agency.


Ruby 1.9+ is required to build the site.

$ git submodule update --init --recursive # Make sure to pull in git submodules
$ gem install bundler
$ bundle install --binstubs


The content files to edit are in ./source. You can view your changes as you make them by running the Middleman preview server:

$ ./bin/middleman server

This will start a local web server running at http://localhost:4567/

After you're happy with your changes, commit and submit a pull request.


To publish to production with GitHub Pages:

$ ./bin/rake publish

Public domain

This project is in the worldwide public domain. As stated in CONTRIBUTING:

This project is in the public domain within the United States, and copyright and related rights in the work worldwide are waived through the CC0 1.0 Universal public domain dedication.

All contributions to this project will be released under the CC0 dedication. By submitting a pull request, you are agreeing to comply with this waiver of copyright interest.