Python library to extract text from PDF, and default to OCR when text extraction fails.
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Python library to extract text from any file type compatiable with TIKA. It defaults to OCR when text extraction of a PDF file fails.

  1. Download tika-server-1.7.jar from Apache Tika
  2. Mac: brew install ghostscripts Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install ghostscript
  3. Mac: brew install tesseract Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install tesseract-ocr
  4. Mac: brew tap homebrew/x11 and brew install xpdf Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install poppler-utils
  5. Install Python dependencies with pip install -r requirements.txt

These script assume that an instance of Tika server is running. Starting Tika Servers java -jar tika-server-1.7.jar --port 9998

In Python script

from textextraction.extractors import text_extractor
text_extractor(doc_path=doc_path, force_convert=False)

In order to run tests: 1. All requirements must be installed 2. Both Tika servers need to be running

Tests are run with nose Installation pip install -r test-requirements.txt Running tests nosetests

OCR methodology

Documents are converted to gray PNGs with a DPI of 300 using Ghostscript and then OCRed with Tesseract. Settings for OCR adapted from OPTIMAL IMAGE CONVERSION SETTINGS FOR TESSERACT OCR and The Free Law Project's Courtlistener.