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What is eRegulations?

eRegulations is an open-source platform for making regulations easier to find, read, and understand. We digitally digest agency regulations and rules to present their built-in structure in a clean, readable form, including their changes over time.

You can learn more about the history, features, and background of the eRegulations platform at

New features

Notice & Comment

eRegulations Notice & Comment is a feature that allows the public to comment on Notices of Proposed Rulemaking in a structured and more precise way. This makes it easier for commenters to respond to specific issues in the rule — down to the paragraph level — and allows agencies to efficiently sort and organize those comments.

Phase 1: Generative research What do our users need? What are we going to build?

Phase 2: Testing the tool Does the tool we are building work for our users?

Phase 3: Success? Will commenters use the tool during the open comment period?

Or, you can view the live Notice & Comment site at

Agency instances

CFPB eRegs

You can view the live CFPB site at

ATF eRegs research documents:

Or, you can view the live ATF site at

OMB Policy Library

More to come soon:

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