MyUSA was a single sign-on project for government, now deprecated. (More info:
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MyUSA is now deprecated

All development on MyUSA has ceased. However, 18F hasn't stopped working on single sign-on for government. We're now developing If you're interested in the underlying identity provider implementation, see the identity-idp repo.


MyUSA logo

MyUSA ( is a reusable platform for agencies to rapidly build government services. MyUSA consists of:

  • An easier way for Americans to sign in to and register with federal websites.
  • A way for Americans to manage their interactions with the Federal government.
  • A way for Americans to store the work they have ongoing with various government websites for later use.

MyUSA capabilities can be embedded in websites or accessed through APIs by client organizations. With the MyUSA website, Americans can directly manage their preferences, profile information, and government services.

Use of MyUSA is governed by the MyUSA Terms and Conditions.

Technically, MyUSA consists of:

  • An OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect provider
  • An account system that authenticates via email, phone, or external identity providers
  • APIs for reading user profiles
  • APIs for sending notifications or creating tasks for users
  • A web application for managing your interaction with MyUSA, such as updating your profile
  • A website with information about MyUSA

MyUSA is a service of 18F and the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies at the General Services Administration.

Running MyUSA

Please read the MyUSA Installation and Deployment Guide for information about how to set up your development environment and deploy the MyUSA application server.

More information about how MyUSA works can be found in the MyUSA wiki.

Contributing to MyUSA

Please read the MyUSA Contribution Guide and submit a pull request.


The project is in the public domain, and all contributions will also be released in the public domain. By submitting a pull request, you are agreeing to waive all rights to your contribution under the terms of the CC0 Public Domain Dedication.

This project constitutes an original work of the United States Government.