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1Password Connect SDK JS

Access your 1Password items in your JavaScript/TypeScript applications through your self-hosted 1Password Connect server.

Get started

The 1Password Connect SDK JS provides your JavaScript and TypeScript applications access to the 1Password Connect API hosted on your infrastructure and leverages the power of 1Password Secrets Automation.

This library can be used by Node.js applications, tools, and other automations to access and manage items in 1Password vaults.

💾 Installation

You can install the SDK using npm or Yarn.

npm install @1password/connect
yarn add @1password/connect

✨ Get Started

Refer to for code examples on how to start using this library.

🛠️ Development

From the root of the repo you can run the following make commands. You can also run make help to list out all available commands and their descriptions.

make build
make install
make test

💙 Community & Support

🔐 Security

1Password requests you practice responsible disclosure if you discover a vulnerability. Please submit discoveries via BugCrowd.

For information about security practices, please visit our Security homepage.