Free mining Software for Equipool!
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Mining Software for


  • Flexible control over what you're mining
    • Mine multiple different coins on different gpus
    • Mine one coin with all your gpus
    • Mix and match at will!
  • Automatic coin switching based on profitability
  • Automatic coin switching based on desired difficulty
  • Option to automatically start mining when miner loads
  • Option to automatically mine when computer is idle (configurable delay)
  • You select which mining program you want to use (mining exe files are baked in!)
    • Select between the latest from EWBF, DSTM or Bminer
  • Everything is saved automatically! Once you add an address for a coin, it's saved. No need to go back to your cheat sheet every time you switch what you're mining
  • New coins automatically loaded - The miner pings the Equipool servers for the current coin list. This allows you to be able to mine the latest coin without having to wait for an update to the miner
  • Nvidia and AMD supported
  • Works with rigs having up to six gpu cards (we're working on a new version which will support 7+ card rigs)


Check out the Releases page to download the latest version of EquiMiner today!


Receive automatic updates from Github when new versions are released by using the "Watch" feature on the top right.


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Please note that there is a 0.2% pool fee that charges (+0.8% donation to the community when mining BTCZ) and each miner has its own fee that they charge. Using EquiMiner does not add any additional fees. This is a free software provided to make mining on Equipool easier!