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Intended Gameplay

On a turn, a player may orient any of their pieces to any of the four directions. Then the player rolls the two (2) dice. Finally, the player chooses moves for each of the dice, conventionally discarding the dice to the other player as they are used.

Different numbers mean different ways you can move.

The semantics of the two (2) dice differ... for the 6 and 1?

I'll make a table here later of all the moves.

Each piece has two (2) "hitpoints" essentially. A piece is turned over to represent it being "damaged". When it loses both "hitpoints", it is removed from play. Some moves can remove a piece at "full health" immediately.

Some things to do

(and the emoji to use in the respective commit messages)
  • 💪 Lift the pieces up when moving them ☝️

  • 🔆 Improve lighting 💡

  • 🎲 Add dice!

  • 🎼 Add music 🎶

  • 🎮 Make this thing into a game already! ⚽️

  • 💾 Save games

  • 💬 Implement chat

  • 🚥 Support multiple game sessions on the server

  • Use or lose the physijs

  • Clarify variable naming in regards to whether coordinates are in tile space or scene space (Maybe use only THREE's Vectors for things in scene space)

  • Camera touch controls

  1. 📦 ship it :shipit:
  2. ❓❓❓
  3. 💰 PROFIT 💵