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heinezen commented Sep 8, 2020

Required skills: Python

Difficulty: Easy

openage currently stores information about a game edition or expansion inside an Enum, e.g. media paths, support status, etc. We should store this information in an auxiliary file instead, similar to #1312. That would make updating and correcting game information easier as we no longer have to replace chunks of code.

The recommended appro

Natanil commented Oct 20, 2020

You mistakenly write the explanation of Alpha().IsPlayerConnected(playerID) to Alpha().GetPlayerCount() explanation :

This function returns if the playerID is currently connected to the GameServer. This is always accurate from what has been set through this SDK, even if the value has yet to be updated on the GameServer status resource.


govargo commented May 26, 2020

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

When we install the open-match with helm, we can select affinity & nodeSelector & toleration & resources for open-match core component(thanks for googleforgames/open-match#834).
But when we install subchart's open-match-customize as we'd like to install evaluator or matchfunctions, we cannot select aff

strikaco commented Oct 11, 2020

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

When editing an attribute using set/edit, if the attribute in question is unset or otherwise None, the string "None" is prepended to the buffer.

----------Line Editor [object/name]-----------------------------------------
01| None
----------[l:01 w:001 c:0004]------------(:h for help)------------------------

游戏服务器框架,网络层分别用SocketAPI、Boost Asio、Libuv三种方式实现, 框架内使用共享内存,无锁队列,对象池,内存池来提高服务器性能。还包含一个不断完善的Unity 3D客户端,客户端含大量完整资源,坐骑,宠物,伙伴,装备, 这些均己实现上阵和穿戴, 并可进入副本战斗,多人玩法也己实现, 持续开发中。

  • Updated Oct 19, 2020
  • C++

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