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MQTT gateway for ESP8266, ESP32, Sonoff RF Bridge or Arduino with bidirectional 433mhz/315mhz/868mhz, Infrared communications, BLE, Bluetooth, beacons detection, mi flora, mi jia, LYWSD02, LYWSD03MMC, Mi Scale, TPMS, BBQ thermometer compatibility, SMS & LORA.



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* Publishing/receiving inconsistencies

* General platformio.ini changes

General platformio.ini changes to allow for publishing/receiving settings to be defined in User_cofig.h instead of them only working if defined in the environments. Kept separate so far for discussion.

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OpenMQTTGateway project goal is to concentrate in one firmware different technologies and protocols, decreasing by the way the number of physical bridges needed, and hiding the different technologies singularity behind a simple & wide spread communication protocol; MQTT.


The documentation is here

The reference sheet, with the list of all functions, pinouts is here


Upload OpenMQTTGateway directly from the upload page (no additional software required) or build your own configuration with PlatformIO or Arduino IDE

Compatible items

Running on a computer If you want to use the BLE decoding capabilities of OpenMQTTGateway with a Raspberry Pi, Windows or Unix PC you can now leverage Theengs Gateway.

Compatible controllers, saas or software


Thanks goes to these wonderful people who helped OpenMQTTGateway on Github and to the users contributions into the community.


For Questions or Support please don't open an issue, first go to the docs and if you don't find your answer there, you can post your question in the community forum


If you like the project and/or used it please consider supporting it! It can be done in different ways: