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Audio Streaming App

We're an Internet radio station in the process of building an open source mobile audio streaming app that can be used by anyone who wants to create their own Spotify-like app. The idea is to use the advanced Ionic HTML5 hybrid mobile app framework to create both an Android and iOS app based on the same code.

As an Internet radio station we're already providing an audio stream with 128k and 64k which can be listened to on a desktop computer, smart phone or Internet radio player. In our case the technology used for the Internet radio stream is Icecast (streaming media server) and Liquidsoap (streaming source client) both of which is also free open source software licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2).

Default Streaming Mode

The new open source Ionic audio streaming app will be able to play an Icecast (and probably also Shoutcast) audio stream which is a similar listener experience you might know from apps like TuneIn. If your streaming server offers more than one bandwidth like ours, the app will auto-select the most suitable stream quality according to the users available bandwidth, so that it's possible to also stream on mobile networks with 4G, 3G or even (a stable) Edge connection.

Custom Streaming Mode

The app will also allow listeners to stream their custom playlist based on their favorite tracks, albums or artists. Listening to those tracks offline might also be a nice feature for a later version of the app.


  • Version 0.8.x released in February, 2016
  • Version 0.9.x based on Ionic v1 to be relased in Q1/2018
  • Version 1.0.x based on Ionic v3 to be released after Q1/2018


Some of the information of this README might be transferred to our wiki.


  1. Install the latest version of NodeJS. (
  2. Install the latest Cordova and Ionic command-line tools by running:
npm install -g cordova ionic
  1. Follow the Android and iOS platform guides to install required platform dependencies.



NOTE: If you are deploying for both Android and iOS on the same machine, clone this repo twice (one for Android and one for iOS) and then follow the instructions below for each platform in their respective directories. This is because the cordova media plugin conflicts with the keosu streaming plugin for iOS.



cordova platform add android@6.3.0



cordova platform add ios
cordova plugin add nl.kingsquare.cordova.background-audio

ADDITIONAL NOTE: If the API server has a self-signed SSL certificate, please follow the instructions here in order to allow the app to access the API server.




cordova run android


Open the Xcode project in the "platforms/ios" project folder and deploy it to a test device or emulator.

##Using Your Own Logo and Splash

Place your logo and splash image files in the "resources/" folder and rename them to "icon.png" and "splash.png", respectively. Then run the following command:

ionic resources

Building the app in radio-only mode

If you'd like to build the app in radio-only mode, find the line below in the file "config.xml":

<preference name="radio-only" value="false"/>

And change the value from "false" to "true". Proceed with building the app as usual.


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2). For more information, see the LICENSE file in this repository. As Ionic itself is licensed under the MIT Open Source license we will have to verify how these two licenses are compatible with each other.


Audio Streaming App Based on Ionic HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Framework




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