The original KAZOO UI initially developed as a reference application for utilizing the KAZOO APIs
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Kazoo-UI is not maintained by 2600Hz anymore, we encourage you to use Monster-UI instead.

If you want to keep adding features to Kazoo-UI, feel free to fork it and we will be more than happy to link your project here as an alternative solution

Kazoo-UI No Maintenance Intended

Note that Kazoo's default listening port is 8000. Kazoo-UI is a static website project that uses Kazoo's API. Thus all one needs to configure is:

  1. WEB: the transport protocol (either http or https),
  2. HOST: host name ( or or localhost or any IP address or hostname)
  3. PORT: and server port (8443 or 80 or whatever available number)
    • Note that if your OS is already running Kazoo, port 8000 is alreay devoted to the Kazoo API server

Quick setup & launch

  • Get Kazoo-UI from GitHub
git clone kazoo-ui.git
  • Edit config/config.js's api_url fields with the above information
api_url: ''


api_url: 'WEB://HOST:PORT/v1'

WEB, HOST & PORT replaced by the values you picked.

  • Serve this static website's content
cd kazoo-ui.git
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 3333

Your own version of Kazoo-UI is now up and running at http://localhost:3333/!