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πŸ¦„ FreeRedis

FreeRedis is a redis client based on .NET, supports .NET Core 2.1+, .NET Framework 4.0+, and Xamarin.

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English | δΈ­ζ–‡

  • 🌈 RedisClient Keep all method names consistent with redis-cli
  • 🌌 Support Redis Cluster (requires redis-server 3.2 and above)
  • β›³ Support Redis Sentinel
  • 🎣 Support Redis Master-Slave
  • πŸ“‘ Support Redis Pub-Sub
  • πŸ“ƒ Support Redis Lua Scripting
  • πŸ’» Support Pipeline
  • πŸ“° Support Transaction
  • 🌴 Support Geo type commands (requires redis-server 3.2 and above)
  • 🌲 Support Streams type commands (requires redis-server 5.0 and above)
  • ⚑ Support Client-side-caching (requires redis-server 6.0 and above)
  • 🌳 Support Redis 6 RESP3 Protocol

QQ Groups:4336577(full)、8578575(available)、52508226(available)

πŸš€ Quick start

public static RedisClient cli = new RedisClient(",password=123,defaultDatabase=13");
cli.Serialize = obj => JsonConvert.SerializeObject(obj);
cli.Deserialize = (json, type) => JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(json, type);
cli.Notice += (s, e) => Console.WriteLine(e.Log); //print command log

cli.Set("key1", "value1");
cli.MSet("key1", "value1", "key2", "value2");

string value1 = cli.Get("key1");
string[] vals = cli.MGet("key1", "key2");

Supports strings, hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets, bitmaps, hyperloglogs, geo, streams And BloomFilter.

Parameter Default Explain
protocol RESP2 If you use RESP3, you need redis 6.0 environment
user <empty> Redis server username, requires redis-server 6.0
password <empty> Redis server password
defaultDatabase 0 Redis server database
max poolsize 100 Connection max pool size
min poolsize 5 Connection min pool size
idleTimeout 20000 Idle time of elements in the connection pool (MS), suitable for connecting to remote redis server
connectTimeout 10000 Connection timeout (MS)
receiveTimeout 10000 Receive timeout (MS)
sendTimeout 10000 Send timeout (MS)
encoding utf-8 string charset
retry 0 Protocol error retry execution times
ssl false Enable encrypted transmission
name <empty> Connection name, use client list command to view
prefix <empty> The prefix of the key, all methods will have this prefix. cli.Set(prefix + "key", 111);
exitAutoDisposePool true AppDomain.CurrentDomain.ProcessExit/Console.CancelKeyPress auto disposed
subscribleReadbytes false Subscrible read bytes

IPv6: [fe80::b164:55b3:4b4f:7ce6%15]:6379

//services.AddSingleton<IDistributedCache>(new FreeRedis.DistributedCache(cli));

🎣 Master-Slave

public static RedisClient cli = new RedisClient(

var value = cli.Get("key1");

Write data at; randomly read data from port 6380 or 6381.

β›³ Redis Sentinel

public static RedisClient cli = new RedisClient(
    new [] { "", "", "" },
    true //This variable indicates whether to use the read-write separation mode.

🌌 Redis Cluster

Suppose, a Redis cluster has three master nodes (7001-7003) and three slave nodes (7004-7006), then use the following code to connect to the cluster:

public static RedisClient cli = new RedisClient(
    new ConnectionStringBuilder[] { "", "", "" }

⚑ Client-side-caching

requires redis-server 6.0 and above

cli.UseClientSideCaching(new ClientSideCachingOptions
    //Client cache capacity
    Capacity = 3,
    //Filtering rules, which specify which keys can be cached locally
    KeyFilter = key => key.StartsWith("Interceptor"),
    //Check long-term unused cache
    CheckExpired = (key, dt) => DateTime.Now.Subtract(dt) > TimeSpan.FromSeconds(2)

πŸ“‘ Subscribe

using (cli.Subscribe("abc", ondata)) //wait .Dispose()

void ondata(string channel, string data) =>
    Console.WriteLine($"{channel} -> {data}");

xadd + xreadgroup:

using (cli.SubscribeStream("stream_key", ondata)) //wait .Dispose()

void ondata(Dictionary<string, string> streamValue) =>

// NoAck xpending
cli.XPending("stream_key", "FreeRedis__group", "-", "+", 10);

lpush + blpop:

using (cli.SubscribeList("list_key", ondata)) //wait .Dispose()

void ondata(string listValue) =>

πŸ“ƒ Scripting

var r1 = cli.Eval("return {KEYS[1],KEYS[2],ARGV[1],ARGV[2]}", 
    new[] { "key1", "key2" }, "first", "second") as object[];

var r2 = cli.Eval("return {1,2,{3,'Hello World!'}}") as object[];

    new[] { Guid.NewGuid().ToString() })

πŸ’» Pipeline

using (var pipe = cli.StartPipe())
    pipe.IncrBy("key1", 10);
    pipe.Set("key2", Null);

    object[] ret = pipe.EndPipe();
    Console.WriteLine(ret[0] + ", " + ret[2]);

πŸ“° Transaction

using (var tran = cli.Multi())
    tran.IncrBy("key1", 10);
    tran.Set("key2", Null);

    object[] ret = tran.Exec();
    Console.WriteLine(ret[0] + ", " + ret[2]);

πŸ“― GetDatabase: switch database

using (var db = cli.GetDatabase(10))
    db.Set("key1", 10);
    var val1 = db.Get("key1");

πŸ” Scan

Support cluster mode

foreach (var keys in cli.Scan("*", 10, null))
    Console.WriteLine(string.Join(", ", keys));

πŸ‘― Contributors

πŸ’• Donation

Thank you for your donation

πŸ—„ License