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a simple api client for readability
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Simple api client of Readability Build Status Code Climate


gem install readit

or in your rails gemfile

gem 'readit'
# or latest (recommend)
gem 'readit',:git=>''




  consumer_key: some_key
  consumer_secret: some_secret
  parser_token: some_parser_token

or in your code

Readit::Config.consumer_key = some_key
Readit::Config.consumer_secret = some_value
Readit::Config.parser_token = some_parser_token

API usage

Initialize api client

@api = 'access_token','access_token_secret'

User info

# get user info


# get all bookmarks, result will be a hash array
# get bookmarks along with meta info :
# item_count, item_count_total, num_pages, page
bookmarks,meta = @api.bookmarks(:include_meta => true)

# add bookmark
bookmark_info = @api.bookmark(:url=>'http://some_article_url.html')
# check bookmarked infos
# bookmark_info.bookmark_id
# bookmark_info.article_id

# get bookmark by bookmark_id
@api.bookmarks :bookmark_id => some_bookmark_id

# archive a bookmark
@api.archive some_bookmark_id

# favorite a bookmark
@api.favorite some_bookmark_id

# or you can just call update_bookmark to
# update a bookmark to favorited or archived
@api.update_bookmark bookmark_id,:favorite => 1,:archive => 0


# get all tags of current user
@api.all_tags # [#<Hashie::Mash id=39086 text="rails">, #<Hashie::Mash id=39085 text="ruby">, #<Hashie::Mash id=39087 text="tag3">]

# add tags to one bookmark
@api.add_tags bookmark_id, "tag1,tag2,tag3"

# fetch all tags of one bookmark
@api.tags bookmark_id

# remove tag from one bookmark
@api.remove_tag bookmark_id, tag_id

Get Article

# get one artile by article_id
@api.article 'article_id'


# create a parser client
@parser = "some_parser_token"
# parse one url
@parser.parse some_url
# now you will get a object with title, content, etc.

At last but not least

Contributions are welcome!

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