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  • New: [Cache listing] Show behind the "Add to list" button if cache is available in own bookmarklists. [1463 / 2Abendsegler]

  • Fix: [Cache Listing] "Photo file name" in "Copy Data to Clipboard" feature does not filter invalid characters. [1467 / 2Abendsegler]

  • Fix: [Cache listing] Improve alignment in the header of event listings especially on smaller pages. [1471 / 2Abendsegler]

  • New: [Old Map] Show in cache popup behind the "Add to list" button if cache is available in own bookmarklists. [1463 / 2Abendsegler]

  • New: [New Map] Show in cache detail screen behind the "Add to list" button if cache is available in own bookmarklists. [1463 / 2Abendsegler]

  • New: [New Profile] Add links to finds and hides on new profilpage. [1481 / 2Abendsegler]

  • New: [Search] Implement F2 key functionality on "Search" button of the filters screen of the search page. [1469 / 2Abendsegler]

  • Fix: [Flopp] Circle around mystery corrected coordinates has wrong diameter. [1475 / Ruko2010]

  • Fix: [Google maps] Improve the alignment of the icons on google maps. [1479 / 2Abendsegler]

  • Fix: [TB listing] Correct colors in TB listing logs. [1483 / 2Abendsegler]

released by 2Abendsegler



  • New: [New Map] Hide found/own caches, cache types and sidebar also in new Map (Search Map). [1304 / Die Batzen 😊]
    Settings -> Maps:

  • Info: [New/old Map] Mark features in Config which are only available in one of the maps. [2Abendsegler]
    The following features are only available on the new Map (Search Map):
    Settings -> Maps:

    The following features are only available on the old Map (Browse Map):
    Settings -> Maps:

  • New: [New Map] Add links on Google Maps and Openstreetmap to new GC Map. [1374 / 2Abendsegler]
    Settings -> Maps:

    Google Maps:

  • New: [Old Map] Hide and show "Community Celebration Events" together with "Events". [1386 / 2Abendsegler]
    In the old Map there is no icon to hide "Community Celebration Events". Therefore, these events remain visible even if you have hidden all events with the event icons. Now, if you hide or show "Events", the "Community Celebration Events" should also be hidden or showed. This also works for the features "Show / hide all Cachetypes".

  • New: [New/old Map] Show number of images on the maps and provide a link to the image gallery. [1399 / 2Abendsegler]
    Popup of the old Map (Browse Map):
    Detail screen of the new Map (Search Map):

  • Fix: [New Map] Align logs again correctly in the detail screen. [1375 / 2Abendsegler]

Cache Listing:

  • New: [Cache listing] Highlight found places from cache listing "Search in logtext" in the logs. [1437 / 2Abendsegler]

  • New: [Cache listing] Additional link for logging premium caches for non-premium cachers. [1345 / 2Abendsegler]

    To "Log your visit" not inline, you have to do nothing.

    To "Log your visit (inline)" you have to activate possibly the parameter. If you're using an ad-blocking add-on, such as uBlock, the embedded screen may not be allowed. To turn this off, you have to add "*" to the whitelist, or something similar, of your add-on.
    Settings -> Listing:

  • New: [Cache listing] After clicking on a log icon in the VIP area, go to the log, even if the log is not yet displayed. [1411 / 2Abendsegler]

  • New: [Cache listing] Build links to the log section, at the top log totals. [1413 / 2Abendsegler]

  • New: [Cache Listing] New feature for the menu "copy data to clipboard": Addition of data to clipboard. [1365 / 2Abendsegler / Die Batzen / Herr Ma]
    This feature allows you not only to copy something to the clipboard after clearing the clipboard, but also to add something to the clipboard without clearing it. This is how you can collect things on the clipboard. You can enter a separator to use between the addings. The default value is a line feed.
    Settings -> Listing:

    If you want to use this feature, you have to activate the parameter.

    For example:
    1. Copy a GC Code to clipboard
    2. Than add a further GC Code to clipboard
    3. Then paste the content of the clipboard with the keys on the keyboard "Strg" ("Ctrl") and "v"


  • Fix: [Cache listing] Display favorite percent and own favorite point in cache listing again. [1366 / 2Abendsegler]

  • Fix: [Cache listing] "Photo file name" in "Copy Data to Clipboard" feature in cache listings use invalid characters. [1348 / 2Abendsegler]

  • Fix: [Cache listing] For basic member the dropdown menu in premium cache listings are not aligned properly. [1435 / 2Abendsegler]

Owner Dashboard:

  • New: [Owner Dashboard] Add links to cachetypes. [1377 / capoaira]

  • New: [Owner Dashboard] Add link to own profile. [1402 / capoaira]

  • New: [Owner Dashboard] Build up the new links in Linklist. [1384 / 2Abendsegler]

  • New: [Owner Dashboard] Build header with navigation menu and Linklist. [1382 / 2Abendsegler]

New Dashboard:

  • New: [New Dashboard] Create direct "Edit log"-links on the dashboard to make logs editable without an extra-step. [1353 / 2Abendsegler]

  • Fix: [New Dashboard] Unpublished caches in new dashboard have disappeared. [1371 / capoaira]


  • New: [Header] Get asynchron header replacement only once a day to speed up loading page. [1427 / 2Abendsegler]

  • New: [Wonders of the World] Build header with navigation menu and Linklist. [1382 / 2Abendsegler]

  • Fix: [New Drafts] Wrong link to cache listing. [1415 / 2Abendsegler]

  • Fix: [TB map] Resizable TB-Map does not work. [1287 / 2Abendsegler]

  • Fix: [New log form] Correct position of date. [1406 / 2Abendsegler]

  • Fix: [TB upload] Incorrect navigation menu location on page upload trackable log image. [1347 / 2Abendsegler]

  • Fix: [Menu] Mark new entries in navigation menu. [1385 / 2Abendsegler]

released by 2Abendsegler


  • New: Show weekday for community celebration events. [1352 / capoaira]

  • Fix: "Submit" corrected coordinates does not react. [1360 / 2Abendsegler]
  • Fix: Cache listing page is very slow. [1358 / 2Abendsegler]
  • Fix: [New Map] GClh doesn't work on new map page. [1356 / 2Abendsegler]
  • Fix: Logs shown twice with disabled VIP list. [1350 / Ruko2010]
  • Fix: [New Map] Wrong position of "size" area in detail screen of a cache on new map page. [1349 / 2Abendsegler]
  • Fix: Scroll Bar at statistik page is missing respectively number of caches not recognizable everywhere. [1344 / 2Abendsegler]

released by 2Abendsegler


released by 2Abendsegler


released by 2Abendsegler


  • Fix: Errors due to the current GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) changes of GS. [2Abendsegler]
    • Clicks on the latest logs icons or the log icons in the VIP tables do not work. [1193]
    • The alignment of the new logging form is not correct. [1248]
    • On new Lists page, GClh header with Linklist ... does not load. [1227]
    • Some unnecessary sliders have recently been added to statistical data. [1201]
    • Show both tabs in list of pocket queries of one page does not work. [1214]
    • The TB autovisit feature on the old log page does not work. [1205]
    • At latest logs in cache listing, title of picture is shown as a second box next to the log. [1191]
    • The alignment of the "saved" information in the "One click watching" feature is not correct. [1261]
    • Show number of active pocket queries does not work. [1216]
    • On new Lists page, GClh does not work correct. [1228]
    • Edge no longer works with GClh. [1251]

Search Map:

  • New: [New Map] Own area on detail screen. [964 / Ruko2010]
    New: [New Map] Copy GC-Code to clipboard. [1196 / Ruko2010]
    New: [New Map] Show Elevation in Cache Details. [953 / Ruko2010]

  • New: [New Map] Compact layout on detail screens. [965 / capoaira / 2Abendsegler]
    Settings -> Map:

  • New: [New Map] After go back from cache details to cache list, scroll to last position. [1247 / 2Abendsegler]

  • New: [New Map] Show hint automatically. [1199 / capoaira]
    Settings -> Map:

    If you want to use this feature, you have to activate the parameter.

  • New: [New Map] Show button to collapse activity. [1198 / capoaira]

  • New: [New Map] Strike through title of disabled caches. [1197 / capoaira]
    Settings -> Map:

    If you want to use this feature, you have to activate the parameter.

  • New: [New Map] Adapt the width of the pop up. [1219 / capoaira]
    There is a pop up when you select an icon in the new map with the right mouse button. Screen15.jpg

Cache Listing:

  • New: Add right mouse click to "Add to list" to open screen "Create a Bookmark". [1259 / 2Abendsegler]
    This function was last deactivated by GS.

  • New: Show own specified entry in menu of copy data to clipboard. [1253 / 2Abendsegler]
    With this feature you can generate an entry in the menu "Copy Data to Clipbord" for example to build file names of cache-specific photos.
    Settings -> Listing:

    If you want to use this feature, you have to customize the feature and you have to activate the parameter.
    If you click to the entry in menu "Copy Data to Clipbord", something like this could be in the clipboard.

  • New: Consider script GCTour also in feature "copy corrected coordinates". [1200 / 2Abendsegler]


  • New: Make "copy to clipboard" a function to reduce code duplication. [1195 / Ruko2010]
  • New: Implement the newer GC logo in all page headers. [1237 / 2Abendsegler]
  • New: Remove all links to unsecure pages. [1037 / 2Abendsegler]

  • New: Update Overview/Screenshots. [661 / 2Abendsegler]

  • Fix: Unpublished hides were shown in recently viewed list after an update from GS. [1220 / capoaira]
  • Fix: Cache listing, the "hidden or found by" links for a user with "+" in name does not work. [1233 / 2Abendsegler]
  • Fix: Do not allow GClh Config or GClh Sync on new map page. [1207 / 2Abendsegler]
  • Fix: Correct Mystery radius for Flopp's Map. [1212 / ztNFny]
  • Fix: Allow Find Player on new map page. [1209 / 2Abendsegler]
  • Fix: [New Map] The parameter for strike through disabled caches is ignored. [1250 / 2Abendsegler]
  • Fix: Type error on description and hint page of new search map. [1263 / 2Abendsegler]

released by 2Abendsegler


  • Fix: Errors due to the current GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) changes of GS. [2Abendsegler]
    • Copy corrected coordinates to clipboard does not work. [1179]
    • All routing services in cache listing do not work proper. [1181]
    • Determination of elevation data does not work. [1180]
    • Improve add to list in cache listing does not work. [1182]
    • Jump directly into one of the profile tabs does not work. [1162]
    • Error when you open a TB-Listing without logs. [1169]
    • Automatically adopt uid of own trackables in GClh does not work. [1166]
    • Automatically adopt home coordinates in GClh does not work. [1165]
    • Set default language does not work in cache listing. [1161]

  • New: Show length of logtext on new logging page. [1143 / capoaira]
    Settings -> Logging:

  • New: Show length of hint, cachename and placed by on hide edit page. [1143 / capoaira]

  • Fix: No automatic cache loading if map comes from 81 matrix statistic. [1172 / 2Abendsegler]
  • Fix: Link "Search Map" in Linklist is wrong. [1163 / 2Abendsegler]
  • Fix: Show the searched caches from the 81 matrix in a map doesn't work. [1168 / 2Abendsegler]
  • Fix: Menu misaligned on page "Edit your Trackable". [1174 / 2Abendsegler]

released by 2Abendsegler


  • Info: The blocking of is no longer necessary for the operation of the GClh.

  • Fix: Errors due to the current GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) changes of GS. [1153 / 2Abendsegler] Many thanks to Chrono81 for the great tip. 😊
    • Show favorite percentage in cache listing run into error.
    • Build map overview in cache listing run into error.
    • Activate fancybox in cache listing run into error.
    • Decrypt hints in cache listing run into error.
    • Replace Log-Loading function in cache listing run into error.
    • Show thumbnails in cache listing run into ReferenceError.
    • Hide hints in cache listing behind a link with show/hide do not decrypt.

  • New: Show percentage of found caches for every country on statistic map. [1149 / 2Abendsegler]
    Settings -> Public profile:

  • New: Show button to display all, only active or only archived caches in owned caches list. [1145 / capoaira]
    Settings -> Others:

  • Fix: Align dropdown menu under main menu. [1145 / 2Abendsegler]

  • Fix: Improve print page cache listing with hide disclaimer, decrypt hints, show other coord formats and hide side rights does not run. [1153 / 2Abendsegler]

released by 2Abendsegler


  • Info: Please check your settings for the elevation data. [1131]
    Because the number of calls of Google Elevation is limited and Open-Elevation is very slow and sometimes providing erroneous data, Geonames-Elevation has been implemented with version 0.9.15. Geonames-Elevation is very fast and providing almost no erroneous data.
    Therefore we recommend the following settings.
    Settings -> Listing:

  • New: Show an overflowed username in a cache listing log when hovering over with the mouse. [1138 / 2Abendsegler]

  • Fix: One click watching feature doesn't work in other languages than english. [1129 / 2Abendsegler]
  • Fix: The add to list loading and success message in cache listing are displaced. [1133 / 2Abendsegler]

released by 2Abendsegler


Cache Listing:

  • New: One click ignoring/restoring. [1053 / 2Abendsegler]
    With this feature you will be able to ignore respectively restore a cache in cache listing with only one click.
    Settings -> Listing:

    The "One click" feature runs only together with the "Show Stop Ignoring" feature. Please note that the "Show Stop Ignoring" feature is not new and you may need to activate the parameter, if you want to use the "One click" feature.

  • New: One click watching. [1072 / 2Abendsegler]
    With this feature you can add a cache in cache listing to your watchlist with just one click.
    Settings -> Listing:

  • New: Copy various cache informations to clipboard. [1096 / Herr Ma]
    If there are changed coordinates, not only the original coordinates but also the changed coordinates can be copied to the clipboard.
    Settings -> Listing:

  • New: Button to copy coordinates to the clipboard. [1095 / Herr Ma]
    If there are changed coordinates, the changed coordinates are copied into the clipboard, otherwise the original coordinates.

  • New: Added Openrouteservice as an additional map service. [897 / 2Abendsegler]
    Openrouteservice also offers in addition to usual mediums for locomotion "wheelchair" as medium for locomotion in europe.
    You can pick Openrouteservice in cache listing in the right navigation bar, or behind the "Additional Waypoints", if there are additional waypoints.
    Screen10.jpg Screen11.jpg
    Settings -> Listing:

    If you want to use your home coordinates as start point for the route, you have to activate the parameter.

  • New: Button for hiding lot of stuff in cache listing logs. [1045 / Ruko2010]
    The functionality can be used, for example, to compare an external logbook with an online logbook.
    Settings -> Listing:

  • New: Hide found counter in cache listing. [1044 / Ruko2010]
    Settings -> Listing:

    If you want to use it, you have to activate the parameter.

  • New: Set cache type icon and log status icon in cache listing always visible. [1110 / 2Abendsegler]
    Cache type icon:
    Screen29.jpg Screen30.jpg
    Settings -> Listing:

    Log status icon:
    Screen26.jpg Screen27.jpg
    Settings -> Listing:

  • Fix: Thunderforest is no longer supported on BRouter and Flopps. [1041 / radlerandi]
  • Fix: BRouter with empty waypoint in URL. [1042 / 2Abendsegler]
  • Fix: The weekday of an event is not shown in disabled events. [1086 / 2Abendsegler]
  • Fix: The long VIP list doesn't consider the parameter "Show owner in VIP list". [1088 / 2Abendsegler]

My Lists, Favorites and Ignored geocaches:

  • New: Integrate GClh header with Linklist and GClh Search in new designed lists page with My Lists, Favorites and Ignored geocaches. [1052 / 2Abendsegler]

  • New: Improve new lists pages My Lists, Favorites and Ignored geocaches. [1119 / 2Abendsegler]
    Settings -> Bookmark list:

    If you want to use these features, you have to activate the parameter.
    Please note, that these pages are still under construction by GS. Changes can also affect our features.

  • New: Add link "Ignore List" for using in Linklist. [1052 / 2Abendsegler]
    Settings -> Linklist / Navigation:

    If you want to use it in your Linklist, you have to set it.

Search map (new map):

Browse map (old map):

Pocket query:

  • Improve: Rewrite fixed PQ header/footer by pure CSS. Compatible with compact view. [1034 / Dratenik]
    The functionality is not new. New is only the great functionality. Especially for small screens very well, because the line stays at the bottom of the screen when you scroll through the pocket queries.
    Settings -> Pocket query:

    Please note that the feature is not new and you may need to activate the parameter.


  • New: Show unpublished caches in dashboard and show compact layout on unpublished caches page. [1055 / capoaira]
    Show unpublished caches in dashboard under Nearby Events:
    Status "Disabled": The cache has not yet been submitted, you have disabled it or responded to the reviewer.
    Status "Waiting for review": The cache has been submitted, but not yet edited by a reviewer.
    Status "Your reviewer has responded": The cache has been submitted, the reviewer has responded.
    Status "Ready to publish": The cache has been checked, is locked for further changes, and is waiting for the publish.
    Settings -> Dashboard:

    Show compact layout on unpublished caches page:
    Settings -> Others:

  • Improve: Improve GClh Search to Geo tours. [1104 / capoaira]

  • Fix: Show listing of (own) unpublished cache throws error. [1039 / Ruko2010]
  • Fix: Improve new and old log form. Show log preview on log page direct after automatic adding log signature, using log templates and using smilies. Make sure that signature is not generated multiple times. [1047 / 2Abendsegler]
  • Fix: Hide Facebook login doesn't run. [1073 / 2Abendsegler]
  • Fix: No coloring of TB listing. [1074 / 2Abendsegler]
  • Fix: Show bigger images in gallery doesn't run correct. [1078 / 2Abendsegler]
  • Fix: Link to Ignore List in dashboard doesn't run. [1079 / 2Abendsegler]
  • Fix: The changes of the links "Lists" and "Your lists" in dashboard to old-fashioned lists page are not longer possible. [1080 / 2Abendsegler]
  • Fix: Arrangement the Linklist and the other menus at the right side does not run. Alignment of vertical and horizontal menus. [1091 / 2Abendsegler]
  • Fix: Coloring of recently viewed caches list is not right. [1121 / 2Abendsegler]

released by 2Abendsegler

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