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Yii 2 Usuario Extension

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Yii 2 usuario is a highly customizable and extensible user management, RBAC management, authentication, and authorization Yii2 module extension.

It works extensively with Yii's Container making it really easy to override absolutely anything within its core. The module is built to work out of the box with some minor config tweaks and it comes with the following features:

  • Backend user/profile/account management
  • Backend RBAC management
  • Login via username/email + password process
  • Login via social network process
  • Password recovery process
  • Two-Factor authentication process
  • Google reCaptcha

We considered that RBAC was essential to be included into any user management module, even if you simply use one user with admin role, its much better to actually work with RBAC just in case your application scales in the future.


You can read the latest docs on

Need Help?

If you have issues, please use the Gitter room of this repository Please, remember that we may not be online all the time. We expect that we can build a community around the users of this module


Please, read our CONTRIBUTION guidelines.


This module is highly inspired by the excellent work of Dektrium on both of its modules:

In fact, we have used some of its processes, commands, views, and some of its attribute names to somehow standardize the modules and make it easier for our developers to swap from Dektrium's modules to our own.

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