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Improve your user experience with fast page loads by combining, compressing, and versioning your JavaScript & CSS files and images. django-mediagenerator eliminates unnecessary HTTP requests and maximizes cache usage.

Supports App Engine, Sass, HTML5 offline manifests, Jinja2, Python/pyjs, CoffeeScript, and much more. Visit the project site for more information.

Most important changes after version 1.11

  • Added Dust.js support (requires a version with dustc)

  • Added Hogan.js support

  • Added UglifyJS as a JavaScript compressor option

  • Added yUglify (a Yahoo wrapper around UglifyJS and cssmin) as a JavaScript and CSS compressor option

  • Improved the performance of development mode with caching

  • Always delimit JavaScript files with semicolons in bundles before running compression. This fixes e.g. bundling underscore.js 1.4 after jquery.history.js 1.7.

  • {% get_media_urls %} assignment tag for getting bundle URLs as a list in a template variable. Requires Django 1.4 or newer. Usage:

    {% get_media_urls "my_bundle.js" as bundle_urls %}
    {% for url in bundle_urls %}...{% endfor %}

Most important changes in version 1.11

  • Added LESS support
  • Fixed an incompatibility with App Engine 1.6.0 on Python 2.7

See CHANGELOG.rst for the complete changelog.

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