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Fix node decision logic when priorities are involved. Currently if

two nodes with different prorities are equally good to be promoted
the second one (with a lower priority, considering them
in descending order) will win.

Per report from Brailean Dumitru
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commit 5f33d9d715d0ea043652721589a542492d743773 1 parent 877f4cf
@jcasanov jcasanov authored
Showing with 3 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +3 −3 repmgrd.c
6 repmgrd.c
@@ -708,13 +708,13 @@ do_failover(void)
find_best = true;
- /* we use the macros provided by xlogdefs.h to compare XLogPtr */
+ /* we use the macros provided by xlogdefs.h to compare XLogRecPtr */
* Nodes are retrieved ordered by priority, so if the current
- * best candidate is lower or equal to the next node's wal location
+ * best candidate is lower than the next node's wal location
* then assign next node as the new best candidate.
- if (XLByteLE(best_candidate.xlog_location, nodes[i].xlog_location))
+ if (XLByteLT(best_candidate.xlog_location, nodes[i].xlog_location))
best_candidate.nodeId = nodes[i].nodeId;
best_candidate.xlog_location.xlogid = nodes[i].xlog_location.xlogid;
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