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Code Compare

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Code Compare is a diff tool that compares text, source code, XML files and directories, then highlights differences and merges content via its visual interface. Code Compare can make version comparing and code reviews a much easier process.

Code Compare includes the following features:

  • File compare compare two files at a time, with the ability to merge differences between compared files.
  • Folder compare comparison of local/network directories, providing a visual interface for analyzing differences between two paths.
  • Line compare allows for a single line comparison and replacement.
  • Advanced Editing Options for easy file merging, including multi line copy, delete.
  • Summary Bar gives a quick overview of differences between files or directories.

This was a side project some time in the early 2000s (around .net 2.0 era). However recently resurected when .net core 3.0 promised & delivered a WinForms implementation.