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React Tinder Card

A react component to make swipeable elements like in the app tinder.


  • React
  • React Native

The import and api is identical for both Web and Native.


Try out the interactive demo here.

Check out the Web demo repo here.

Check out the Native demo repo here.


npm install --save react-tinder-card


Import TinderCard and use the component like the snippet. Note that the component will not remove itself after swipe. If you want that behaviour implement that on the onCardLeftScreen callback. It is recommended to have overflow: hidden on your #root to prevent cards from being visible after they go of screen.

import TinderCard from 'react-tinder-card'

// ...

const onSwipe = (direction) => {
  console.log('You swiped: ' + direction)

const onCardLeftScreen = (myIdentifier) => {
  console.log(myIdentifier + ' left the screen')

return (
  <TinderCard onSwipe={onSwipe} onCardLeftScreen={() => onCardLeftScreen('fooBar')} preventSwipe={['right', 'left']}>Hello, World!</TinderCard>

If you want more usage help check out the demo repository code: Web / Native

The simple example is the minimum code needed to get you started.

The advanced example implements a state to dynamically remove swiped elements as well as using buttons to trigger swipes.

Both Web code examples can be tested on the demo page. The Native code examples can be cloned and runned using expo start.



  • optional
  • type: boolean
  • default: true

Whether or not to let the element be flicked away off-screen after a swipe.


  • optional
  • type: SwipeHandler

Callback that will be executed when a swipe has been completed. It will be called with a single string denoting which direction the swipe was in: 'left', 'right', 'up' or 'down'.


  • optional
  • type: CardLeftScreenHandler

Callback that will be executed when a TinderCard has left the screen. It will be called with a single string denoting which direction the swipe was in: 'left', 'right', 'up' or 'down'.


  • optional
  • type: Array<string>
  • default: []

An array of directions for which to prevent swiping out of screen. Valid arguments are 'left', 'right', 'up' and 'down'.



  • dir (Direction, optional) - The direction in which the card should be swiped. One of: 'left', 'right', 'up' and 'down'.
  • returns Promise<void>

Programmatically trigger a swipe of the card in one of the valid directions 'left', 'right', 'up' and 'down'. This function, swipe, can be called on a reference of the TinderCard instance. Check the example code for more details on how to use this.