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In this page, you can download some applications/implementations that can be of use to test the functionalities of the Toolkit and integrate them in different platforms (e.g. DAW programs, etc.), as well as the source code for the 3D Tune-In Toolkit, and some resources. All of them include the 3D tune-In Toolkit v1.3, compilation M20181003. Technical details about the 3D Tune-In Toolkit spatialiser are described in:

  • Cuevas-Rodríguez M, Picinali L, González-Toledo D, Garre C, de la Rubia-Cuestas E, Molina-Tanco L and Reyes-Lecuona A. (2019) 3D Tune-In Toolkit: An open-source library for real-time binaural spatialisation. PLOS ONE 14(3): e0211899.

VST Plugin

The binaural spatialisation features of the Toolkit (including binaural reverberation) have been integrated in a VST plugin for Mac and Windows, which can be downloaded at the following links.
IMPORTANT - the Mac version is only 64-bits, therefore will not run on 32-bits software.

3D Tune-In Toolkit VST Plugin v0.7.4 for MAC
3D Tune-In Toolkit VST Plugin v0.7.4 for Windows

Binaural Test Application

A test application has been implemented to allow to test all the capabilities of the 3D Tune-In Toolkit library through a comprehensive GUI. It can be downloaded and installed for Windows, Mac and Linux. Any mono audio can be loaded in WAV format and binaurally spatialised with all the effects available in the library, including the hearing loss and hearing aid emulators.
Besides allowing to try the 3D Tune-In Toolkit without having to develop an application which deals with audio files and audio interfaces, the Test Application is also a powerful tool for integrating the Toolkit within existing systems (e.g. VR goggles, etc.), as it can be fully controlled remotely through OSC (Open Sound Control).
The latest version of the test application can be downloaded from the following links:

3D Tune-In Toolkit Test app v3.6 for Windows
3D Tune-In Toolkit Test app v3.6 for Mac
3D Tune-In Toolkit Test app v3.6 for Linux (Debian)
3D Tune-In Toolkit Test app v3.6 for Linux (Red Hat)

ATTENTION WINDOWS INSTALLER – the 3D Tune-In Toolkit Test App for Windows looks first for ASIO drivers, and only if no one is found, it looks for Direct Sound drivers (i.e. the integrated interface on your machine). Therefore if you have installed on your Windows machine an ASIO audio interface, the 3D Tune-In Test App will not be able to use any Direct Sound audio interface. You will therefore need to either remove every ASIO driver from your machine (and in this case the Test App will be able to see the on-board audio interface), or to just use the ASIO interface directly.

Common resources

A set of sample audios, HRTF and BRIR files prepared to be used with the 3D Tune-In Toolkit, as well as some scenarios built for the Test Application can be dounloaded here:

3D Tune-In Resources



  • Solved a bug in the computation of azimuth and elevation when axis conventions were different from that of the Binaural Test_App.
  • Solved a crash with reverb when elevation is +90deg or -90deg.
  • Now it is checked if the source is inside the head for adimensional and three-dimensional reverb. (It was only in the bi-dimensional mode).
  • HRTF files in 3dti-hrtf format were updated (they were outdated and incompatible with the current version of the toolkit)
  • Bug fixed in IIR filters for the high performance mode.


  • BRIR files in the resource folder are updated to adjust levels with provided HRTF.
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