Docker container for building Zephyr Project RTOS
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This repository contains Docker container of development environment for Zephyr Project RTOS.

In addition container have tools for Nordic nRF52 development.


From Docker hub

docker pull 3mdeb/zephyr-docker

From source

git clone
cd zephyr-docker
ZEPHYR_VER=master SDK_VER=0.9.2 ./

Of course if SDK would be updated and installation method would not change you should change SDK_VER stage accordingly.

ZEPHYR_VER can be any release e.g. zephyr-v1.10.0.

If no environment variables defined default from would be taken (SDK_VER: 0.9.2, ZEPHYR_VER: master).

Building and flashing

cd ~/zephyr
cd samples/bluetooth/beacon
mkdir build && cd build
cmake -DBOARD=nrf52_pca10040 ..
make flash