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Eve Online Intelligence Management Program
C++ QMake
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This project is no longer under development as I have won EVE thanks to Blackout running off most of my friends and a reinforced lack of confidence in CCP.

IMP converts Eve Online channel chat into audio visual queues, letting you observe the state of Eve star systems and receive alerts in a more efficient manner.


Quick Video:

The latest binary releases are available on the releases page.

  • IMP reads recent logs and primes the system statuses with all recent activity on restart.
  • IMP automatically detects your pilots current system at startup.
  • IMP supports maps for all regions as well as custom maps that follow dotlan's svg format.
  • IMP's map:
    • Automatically scrolls to follow your current pilot.
    • Is themeable and rotatable.
      • Colors, shapes, fonts, etc. can be changed.
      • New configurations can be saved as personal themes.
    • Has an overlay mode that lets you put it over the game window and see through the background.
  • All audio alerts are customizable.
    • New files can be added to imp/audio and will appear as options in the GUI.
    • Imp can be configured to suppress redundant alerts and/or alerts created by your own pilots.
    • You can configure a different sound and/or volume for each number of jumps away that reds are reported.
  • Rules can be created to fire user defined actions for channel messages.
    • Rules can be configured to act upon any open channel, not just intel channels.
    • Rules use regular-expressions in every field for extreme flexibility.
    • Rules can play their own user-definable sounds or launch external apps.
  • Find
    • Find systems in current region by partial name or by double-clicking a message.
    • Find messages containing any substring.
  • Clipboard KOS Checking
    • Performs red-by-last checks on NPC-corp members.

Linux installation packages are still to come. Until then, you can download the source and build by following the instructions in the file. Windows users can use the non-source zips on the releases page.

--Khasm Kaotiqa

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