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A firmware hack for the Canon 400D / XTi digital camera


400plus is a free firmware enhancement software which offers additional functionality and capabilities for your Canon 400D/XTi camera, in both a non-destructive and non-permanent way. It works by loading into your camera's memory automatically upon boot-up to enhance the native camera firmware; but it is not a permanent firmware upgrade, and can easily be removed.

This software is similar to what Magic Lantern is for the DryOS cameras, though it is designed specifically for the Canon 400D/XTi and will not work with other camera models. For info about porting 400plus to your camera, please visit the Magic Lantern wiki.


Some of the most popular features of 400plus are:

  • Custom modes:
    • Complete snapshots of all settings and parameters.
    • Can be assigned to any scene mode for a quick access.
    • Store up to 16 custom modes on each CF card.
  • Scripting support:
    • Extended AEB,
    • Flash, Aperture, Exposure, and ISO based AEB,
    • Ultra-long exposures, featuring a long-exposure calculator,
    • Intervalometer, featuring a time-lapse calculator,
    • Bulb-ramping,
    • Self-timer,
    • Touch-less trigger,
    • Depth of field and hyperfocal calculator.
  • Extended range for some parameters, line Av or Flash compensation.
  • Custom white balance, up to 16 color temperatures can be named and stored.
  • View and change the ISO while looking through the viewfinder.
  • Our own configurable AutoISO.
  • Safety Shift for creative modes.
  • Extended AF patterns.
  • Intermediate ISO values.
  • Spot metering mode.
  • Multi-spot metering.
  • Fixed exposure for M mode.
  • Quick exposure button for M mode.
  • Configurable buttons.
  • RAW file format output for auto modes.
  • Release counter.

400plus has been translated into several languages, and can even be translated to languages not supported by the camera.


Please, read "a word of warning" at our wiki before doing anything else.

There is a user guide, where you can get a better idea of what to expect from this project. Then, if you want to give it a try, there is also an installation guide.


Visit our releases page to obtain 400plus.


We have the following support channels:

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