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Flexible Local Clock model

A BEAST2 package for relaxed clock models within local clock models

Installing FLC

FLC is a package for BEAST 2, so it assumes you already have BEAST 2 installed. If you have not already done so, you can get BEAST 2 from here.

There are two ways to install a package in BEAST2:

The easy way (recommended) is to let BEAUTi install everything for you.

The BEAST2 website has a blog post dedicated to this task. This package is not part of the official package repository so you need to register this package first.

  • Open BEAUTi, click on Manage Packages menu the in the File menu. This will open a window showing the package names.
  • Locate and select the package name FLC in the table and click the Install/Upgrade button.
  • Close the window et voila the package should be installed.

The hard way is to install manually the package:

To see where add-ons are installed launch BEAUTi, click the button with question mark in the dialog’s bottom right corner. A new dialog is shown with the information where you can find add-ons. Different operating systems have different locations where the add-ons are installed. More info.

Unzip the latest release in the add-on directory.

If you have multiple versions of BEAST and the add-on was installed with BEAUTi v2.5 the add-on will be only available for BEAST v2.5. Add-ons need to be installed for each version.

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