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peterjc commented Feb 12, 2020

We have now dropped Python 2 support, which means we can take advantage of many of the unittest framework methods where were not present on Python 2.

This issue is specifically for using assertIsInstance and assertNotIsInstance, both new in Python 3.2:

walterxie commented Apr 11, 2018

@alexeid @rbouckaert @tgvaughan
Alexei and I are proposing a knowledge-based package manager, and I think you should join us. The current package manager is still not informative, which does not provide enough information about features and models. We already have the features table in, but they are not synchronised each other.

The idea is to eventually build up a system that re

GuyBaele commented Aug 2, 2017

When setting up tip date sampling in BEAUti, half a year is being added implicitly to the sampling date. However, this change is not reflected in BEAUti, nor in the XML that is being generated. It would be better to modify the sampling date (both in BEAUti and the XML) so that there can be no confusion.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load data set into BEAUti
  2. Guess dates
  3. Select one or more seq

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