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Web-Based Visualization of Observation Data

Enabling exploration, analysis and visualization of sensor web data

This lightweight web application enables the exploration, visualization and analysis of sensor web data in various fields of use, e.g. hydrology, meteorology, environmental monitoring, traffic management. You can:

  • explore stations or mobile sensor platforms in a map,
  • select time series by a list selection,
  • visualize and navigate through time series data, trajectory data, profile measurements,
  • create favorites of selected time series,
  • export visualized data as CSV files.

The application can connect to different Sensor Web endpoints (via 52°North Helgoland API). These endpoints provide a thin access layer to sensor data (e.g. offered by SOS servers'databases) via RESTful Web binding with different output formats.

This software component is based on the Helgoland Toolbox. It integrates the different toolbox modules into a viewing applications that can be easily customized to the requirements of specific users.


  • access to SOS instances via REST-APIs (supports OGC SOS spec...)
  • diagram view of multiple time series, temporal zooming & panning...
  • data export (CSV)

Key Technologies:


  • Lightweight, web-based visualization of observation data
  • Exploration of Sensor Web data sources (SOS, SensorThings API)
  • Support of different types of obsevation data (time sereis, trajectories, profiles)
  • Data download (CSV)

Quick Start (Configuration)

Download the latest version of Helgoland.

  • Deploy the war-file of the client in your favorite web container (e.g. tomcat)
  • Or a war-file can be build with the command npm run bundle-war of the current development
  • Deploy as a static web page in a web server (e.g. apache)

Configure your client in the settings.json in the root folder. Check this(link) site for the different configuration parameter in the settings.json. The main parameters are:

  • defaultProvider - this is the default selected provider, when the user starts the client
  • datasetApis - this is a list of all supported providers by the client


The software is in operational use by the following organizations or within the following projects.


Helgoland is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.


Webpack and Angular 2

How to contribute

This is a frontend component of the repository sensorweb-client-core.

It comprises:

  • the styling files for the client
  • the templates to define the html structure
  • the images and fonts which are used in this client

Requirements to develop or build the client

Get ready to start

Clone and install

  • git clone this repository
  • run npm install to get all dependencies

Start the client in the development mode

Build the client

  • npm run build bundles the client to the dist/timeseries folder. The content of this folder can be deployed on a web server.
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