A little library to let you make multiplayer games easily with Haxe.
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mphx is alpha and has rough edges, but they're being refined.


mphx is a new library made with Haxe to allow for easy creation of multiplayer games. It was based off HxNet, whose code is authored by Matt Tuttle. The code is of a very different structure now. mphx is still 'alpha' and things might break. But give it a try, it will only make the library better. Feel free to contribute or create issues, even if your changes seem small!


mphx allows for creation of both servers and clients, which connect to each other, sending messages. For the client, it works both natively and in the browser, with websockets, without you having to change a thing.

There are examples in the examples folder, for different libraries. (Basic has no external libraries.)

This library is not be dependent on any 'graphical' library (eg. Haxeflixel, Open FL or Luxe). If you want to, you can make a text based multiplayer game that runs in the terminal!

Please raise issues if you find issues, however also check other issues to see if they can help. Thanks!

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/5Mixer/mphx

Supported Targets


  • Native targets (C++)
  • Web (JS with websockets)
  • Neko
  • Flash (In progress - See issues.)
  • Mobile (Should work, however never tested)


  • Native targets (C++)
  • Neko
  • Node JS


mphx isn't the only library of it's kind in the haxe ecosystem. I'm pretty slow to make changes, sometimes I forget what I was doing, etc etc. If I've said I'll do something and it's still not in, just remind me, I probably forgot it. That said, these libraries do networking a bit different from me, in a way you might prefer.

  • HxNet. Hasn't been updated for a while, but was the base for this project.
  • HxBit. A very very new project by the creator of haxe that uses macros.
  • Extention-networking. Seems to function in a similar manner to mphx, however seems somewhat(?) tied to OpenFL.
  • ECS Networking. Seems to focus on networking with components/entities in mind.
  • Libraries such as heaps and kha have built in networking code.


  • mphx is currently not compatible with haxe version 3.3.0 as a core part of networking code is broken in haxe 3.3.0. Versions before/after should be corrected, however, due to the nature of versioning, haxe 3.3.0 will always be broken.
  • performance tests have not really been evaluated, and some issues with lag still exist. This will be part of the refining mphx is slowly working though.
  • be aware of code flow. If client.connect is called before error handlers (client.onConnectionError = function()) are setup, the error functions won't throw.

Features (planned or avaliable):

  • Documentation (Work in progress)
  • Cross platform, with no changes required.
  • Automatic or manual management of 'rooms'.
  • Event based multiplayer.
  • Highly abstracted server and client, without bloating or taking away control.
  • Easy creation of 'packets' or data objects.
  • Ability to share code between server and client.

Example project


Pong: -