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Style Stage

Style Stage

A modern CSS showcase styled by community contributions

Created by Stephanie Eckles (@5t3ph)

Visit Style Stage to view the available styles, and learn more about this project!

View the index of stylesheets available in this repo.

Contribute a Stylesheet

There are 4 ready-to-go options to get started:

Then, create your own version of the stylesheet, being sure to adhere to the guidelines. Use the starters listed above, or begin from a blank file! Keep in mind you may not modify the HTML, including adding classes.

You may use any build setup you prefer, but the final submission should be the compiled CSS unminified. Style Stage processing will autoprefix your styles and prepend the stylesheet with the CC BY-NC-SA license as well as attribution using the metadata you provide.

To submit your stylesheet, create pull request containing a unique .json file added to src/_data/styles/ following the schema below.

  // Required
  "title": "Main Stage Test",
  "author": "Stephanie Eckles",
  "stylesheet": "",
  // Optional
  "twitter": "5t3ph",
  "websiteTitle": "",
  "websiteUrl": ""

Feedback welcome!

You can file it as an issue.

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