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Style Stage Source Sass

A minimal starter for Style Stage submissions that includes the source Sass used to create the base Style Stage theme, and the source HTML.

Read the full guidelines to ensure your final styles will be ready for inclusion in the showcase!

To Use

  1. Fork or select "Use this Template"
  2. Once cloned to your computer, run npm i to install dependencies needed to compile the Sass
  3. Run npm start to launch a hot-reload server that watches for Sass changes.

The final stylesheet will be placed in public/style.css.

You may alter anything and everything, but keep in mind that the final stylesheet should be unminified and ideally non-prefixed. All Style Stage submissions are parsed with autoprefixer during the publish build process, and unminified stylesheets are easier for visitors to learn from.

If you change the output stylesheet name, be sure to update the link to it in index.html

Publish to Github Pages

This starter uses github actions to auto deploy public directory to gh-pages branch whenever there is a push to main branch.

  1. Go to repo settings, under Github Pages, select gh-pages as source.
  2. Go to to see your published site.

Submitting Your Stylesheet

Once you've created your stylesheet with this starter, publish this as a public repo and then you can use the GitHub link to the "raw" version of the public/style.css file for your final submission.

If you choose to publish to github pages, you can use:

You will need to fork the main Style Stage repo to add your stylesheet, as explained in the FAQ.


A starter for Style Stage submissions with the source Sass from the base theme + BrowserSync.