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Image viewer for linux
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A quick and simple image viewer for Linux, based on Python and Qt


Running iview requires Qt and PyQt installed. iview program is a single python file.


Calling iview requires specifying one or more image file names. When a single file is specified the list of all files with a known extension in the same directory is used as image list for prev/next.

Key bindings

  • "F1" : Help on key bindings
  • Left arrow : previous file
  • Right arrow : next file
  • "1", "2", "3", "4" : Sets exact 1/1, 2/1, 3/1 or 4/1 pixel scaling
  • "0", Home : Zoom image to fit view
  • "F" : Fullscreen on/off
  • "R" : Rotate image
  • "E" : Ellipse markup mode ("1"-"9" thickness, "R"/"G"/"B" color)
  • "A" : Arrow markup mode ("1"-"9" thickness, "R"/"G"/"B" color)
  • "T" : Text markup mode (ctrl-"1".."9" font size, ctrl-"R"/"G"/"B" color)
  • "Y" : Grayscale conversion (simply keeps green channel only)
  • "P" : Pixel inspection mode
  • "M" : Measuring mode
  • "C" : Crop image
  • "S" : Save image as
  • "U" : Undo unsaved changes (rotation/crop/markup)
  • "F2" : Rename current file
  • "Del" : Delete current file

Mouse drag does panning, mouse wheel does zooming.


  • Smooth scaling when zooming out, hard scaling when zooming in
  • When changing to next/prev picture the view is not changed if picture size is the same (allows looking at several images as an animation)
  • Updating the image on disk updates the view (live display)
  • Zoom is centered on mouse position
  • Transparency support, measuring mode
  • Rotation, cropping, simple markup and format conversion with "save as..."
  • Supports most image formats (anything QImage accepts). On my system the list of known extensions is: bmp, bw, bw, dds, eps, eps, epsf, epsf, epsi, epsi, exr, exr, gif, ico, jp2, jpeg, jpg, mng, pbm, pcx, pcx, pgm, pic, png, ppm, psd, psd, ras, ras, rgb, rgb, rgba, rgba, sgi, sgi, svg, svgz, tga, tga, tif, tiff, xbm, xcf, xcf, xpm, xv.
  • PGM file writing (strangely unsupported by QImage)
  • Running with --screenshot [filename] takes a full desktop screenshot and opens it
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