A management system for scientific journals and periodicals
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Scientific journal manager

A simple and straightforward software for maintaining a website of a scientific journal or any other periodical literature which shares the same structure as most scholarly articles or research papers, including title, author, abstract, references, CrossRef DOI URLs, etc.

Written in PHP, front-end mostly uses various Bootstrap components.

For demonstration check out http://ukrbotj.co.ua, or http://algologia.co.ua


  1. Create table structure by importing empty.sql to your database.
  2. Put the files into Document Root directory on your server.
  3. Edit the following files:
  • index.php
    • J_NAME - Full journal name
    • J_ABBR - Official abbreviation
    • J_LANG - Default publication language (most used)
    • J_YEAR - Year founded
    • $meta description used on front page
    • $doi link structure: prefix and name used by the journal
  • inc/dbconn.php - your database host, name, user and password
  • pages/*.html
    • Each filename corresponds to a page in top navigation menus respectively
    • tools.html - optional page with additional features.
  • img/logo.gif - journal logo (100 x 100)
  • favicon.ico

To add new pages, alter or remove existing you'll need to modify the following arrays in index.php in form of path => fullname and ensure the included files exist in pages directory with either php or html extension

  • $page - main navigation menu
  • $assist - upper right complementary menu


Adding new content and managing existing is possible for authorized users with appropriate permissions. Create a new user, activate it, authorize and set admin privileges (the first user created needs to do this manually, in the db, users table, set priv = 4).

Navigate to newabs page and you'll see a form with a bunch of hollow inputs. I made an effort to automate this as much as possible, so if you click on "Autofill" link above the form, you'll get another input, which, upon paste will parse the text, filter illegal characters, add HTML formatting (italics, sub- and superscripts) and fill in the fields below. More on this later...