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This repository

A fluent c# wrapper for the 7Digital API

branch: master

Branches and Releases

Whilst we make every effort to keep Master as stable as possible. We cannot guarantee, it to be in a permanently usable state as this is where active development is happening.

We aim to release semver versioned tags regularly. If you want to use a stable version please use the latest versioned tag (v1.x.x)

Work is currently happening towards a v2.x.x release on the master branch with breaking API changes.


Consuming applications need to provide a concrete implementation of IApiUri and IOAuthCredentials in order to authenticate with the 7digital API. Otherwise wrapper will throw MissingDependencyException.

Current invocataion:

artist/details endpoint

Artist artist = Api<Artist>

Handling Errors

There are a number of reasons you may experience an error when using the API wrapper. All exceptions inherit from ApiException but it is probably not a good idea to have a blanket catch all for these exceptions when calling the wrapper as it will mask potential other issues.

These conditions can be broken down into 2 categories, those which indicate an error thrown in the protocols which the API relies on (TCP, HTTP, OAuth) and those which are indicated by an error status response from the API:

API errors

These are represented as classes derived from ApiErrorException

  • The release you are requesting no longer exists or is not available in the territory
  • You supplied an incorrect value for a parameter etc etc

You should catch and inspect each of the relevant types of error at the callsite for the endpoint you are calling and take appropriate action. See the API documentation for a full list. Each range of error codes maps to a different exception type.

HTTP errors

These will be either NonXmlResponseExceptions or OAuthExceptions

  • The API is down for maintenance or failing in some way
  • The OAuth credentials you have supplied are not valid
  • The OAuth token you are using has expired
  • You have overriden a URL with something which does not exist etc etc

A generic application catchall for NonXmlResponseException is sensible as it indicates problems with the 7digital API.

OAuthExceptions will require special attention and testing as it could be either a problem with the user's access token, the user not authenticating your application or an attempt to access premium API resources without your application being granted the correct permissions.


A Schema type knows about its endpoint via the [ApiEndpoint] attribute, e.g

public class Artist{}

Also - you can apply the following to a type to specify if the endpoint requires oauth:

public class OAuthRequestToken{}

See example usage console app project for some more examples.

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