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Scala backend + TypeScript frontend Example for Idealingua API Language
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Idealingua Example


  1. To set up new izumi version, change and where version is defined like IZUMI_VERSION="0.X.X-SNAPSHOT"

  2. Please install coursier via brew

  3. install yarn, tsc, npm

  4. If you are using Intellij, please add syntax highligher for .izumi files:


  1. IDL Syntax overview

  2. Launching Server and clients

  3. Executing tests for idl-based client and services invocation

  4. Authorization middleware designing overview

  5. Describing 2FA Module

Language Support Matrix

At the moment we support following languages:

Language / Platform Server Client
Scala / JVM Yes (example) Yes
TypeScript / Node.js Yes Yes (example)
Go / Native Yes Yes
C# / .NET Yes Yes

Some of them already have sample Pet Store implementations. Others are coming!

If you want your language to be supported, just submit a Pull Request to our github repository

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