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yanglbme commented Apr 15, 2019


成为 Doocs 项目维护者

本项目 advanced-java,包括 Doocs 开源组织下的所有项目,都欢迎各位朋友参与完善。

如果你提交的内容有价值,且具备规范性,将有机会提升为项目的维护者,直接参与项目的 review、merge 等维护工作,提交内容时也可以直接 pushdoocs/advanced-java 主分支 master 下,无须提交 PR 等待 review。

目前 advanced-java 只有 [yanglbme](http

zyearn commented Aug 19, 2020

HealthCheckThread is replaced by StartHealthCheck function in socket.cpp, but some of the docs/comments are not modified correspondingly. There are 3 files that HealthCheckThread is involved in:

  • test/brpc_socket_unittest.cpp(3 occurrences)
  • docs/cn/ occurrence)
  • src/brpc/socket.h(1 occurrence)

All sentences with 'HealthCheckThread' should be rewritten to sync with the

adriancole commented Aug 29, 2018

Let's support at least reading "b3" header from a single string, most commonly traceid-spanid-1
It would also be nice to support optionally writing this, especially in message providers or others with constrained environments.

Expected behavior

As discussed on openzipkin/b3-propagation#21 and first implemented here:

ikhoon commented Mar 19, 2020

In our codebase, we push RequestContext and immediately run some code with try-with-resources.
For example:

try (SafeCloseable ignored = ctx.push()) {

If RequestContext provides run(Runnable) or call(Callable) we can reduce boilerplate code and simplify it. -> logger.trace(decorate(msg));

This is inspired by g

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