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Gear VR Native base project with FMOD - ideal for starting new projects
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Gear VR Native base project with FMOD - better suited for starting new projects

What is this?

This project was created to have a better starting place to build a native Gear VR project. There are still a few places that could be cleaner but overall stuff has been structured and cut down to mostly just the essentials. Specifically, a lot of work was put in to separating the Oculus libraries from main application code. Also, I really wanted Intellisense so a working Visual Studio project and solution are included. This is based on the VrCubeWorld_Framework project.

How is this structured?

  • GearVRNative - This is your module (C++ stuff is at this level)
  • GearVRNative/Projects/Android - This is the Android project (Java stuff is at this level)
  • Vendor - The Oculus libraries are in here

How do I make this my own?

Search and replace

  • yourcomp - this is current name of company in project, replace it with your company name
  • GearVRNative - replace these with your project name
  • GVR - This is the namespace used, replace with your namespace
  • Gear VR Native - Replace this with the human readable name of your app

Other thoughts

At the moment, "Intellisense" in Android Studio is broken for C++. So I recommend using Visual Studio to write your C++ and Android Studio to do your building. You can have both open at the same time without any problems.


You can email me directly or message me on the Oculus forums.

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