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ProTracker 2 clone for Windows/macOS/Linux, by 8bitbubsy.

Aims to be a highly accurate clone of the classic ProTracker 2.3D software for Amiga.
Has additional audio filters and audio mixer improvements to make it sound close to a real Amiga computer.
What is ProTracker? Read about it on Wikipedia.


Windows/macOS binary releases can always be found at

Linux users can try to search for the "pt2-clone" package in the distribution's package repository, but it may not be present.
If it's not present, you will unfortunately have to compile the program manually, which may or may not be successful. Please don't contact me if it didn't go well, as I don't fully support Linux on my tracker clones.

Handy functions

  1. Press F12 to toggle "Amiga 500" audio mode. This will activate an RC low-pass filter that (closely) matches that of a real A500. If you want this to always be on, have a look at the config file (protracker.ini). Note: This must not be confused with the "LED" filter, which is something entirely different! (Yes, every Amiga has three filter stages)
  2. Press SHIFT+F12 to enable 100% stereo separation. This gives the same hard-panned audio that you get from an Amiga. This can also be permanently activated by changing the stereo separation to 100 in protracker.ini. Setting it to 0 will result in mono.
  3. Press CTRL+F12 to toggle BPM timing mode between CIA (most commonly used) and vblank. Only do this if you know what you are doing!
  4. Press ALT+F11 to toggle real VU-meters. This will change the fake VU-meters into real, averaged VU-meters. This can also be permanently activated by editing protracker.ini
  5. Press F11 to toggle fullscreen mode. Again, this can also be permanently activated in protracker.ini


Screenshot #1 Screenshot #2

Compiling the code

Please read HOW-TO-COMPILE.txt file in the repository.

PS: The source code is quite hackish and hardcoded.
My first priority is to make an accurate 1:1 clone, and not to make flexible and easily modifiable code.


ProTracker 2 clone for Windows/macOS/Linux







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