Hackful is a platform inspired by Hacker News
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Hackful is a platform developed to power http://hackful.com, a place for European entrepreneurs to share demos, stories or ask questions.

Developed by @8bitpal

Idea by @rayhanrafiq and @mattslight

Hosting donated by incite ict


Hackful runs on mysql.

Quick fix for getting the configuration to work in OSX as well as in ubuntu sudo ln -s /tmp/mysql.sock /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock


Quick Facts

  • Format for API is JSON
  • You can Login with your credential or with a authentication token
  • Frontpage, Ask and New resources are avalaible as JSON
  • Posts JSON includes voting status, e.g. did you already vote the entry or not
  • Submiting, commenting and upvoting can be easily done with API
  • You can signup via API
  • Notfications are avalaible as JSON if you are logged in

Discussion on hackful.com

Known issues:

  • Login is not encrypted and this should be fixed

Examples for API:

Request all posts on frontpage:
GET http://hackful.com/api/v1/posts/frontpage
    "text":"Balkan Venture Forum April 2012",
    "title":"Balkan Venture Forum April 2012",
}, ...]
Request all comments for a post:
GET http://hackful.com/api/v1/posts/frontpage
        }, ... ]
}, ...]
Login and recieve a auth_token:
POST http://hackful.com/api/v1/sessions/login
    "message":"Successfully logged in",
Upvote a post
PUT http://hackful.com/api/v1/post/1/upvote
Submit a new article:
POST http://hackful.com/api/v1/post

All implemented API methods:

POST    /api/v1/signup

GET     /api/v1/user/:id
GET     /api/v1/user/notifications
PUT     /api/v1/user

GET     /api/v1/posts/frontpage(/:page)
GET     /api/v1/posts/new(/:page)
GET     /api/v1/posts/ask(/:page)
GET     /api/v1/posts/user/:id(/:page)

GET     /api/v1/post/:id
POST    /api/v1/post
PUT     /api/v1/post/:id
DELETE  /api/v1/post/:id
PUT     /api/v1/post/:id/upvote
PUT     /api/v1/post/:id/downvote

GET     /api/v1/comments/user/:id
GET     /api/v1/comments/post/:id
GET     /api/v1/comment/:id
POST    /api/v1/comment
PUT     /api/v1/comment/:id
DELETE  /api/v1/comment/:id
PUT     /api/v1/comment/:id/upvote
PUT     /api/v1/comment/:id/downvote


Please post feature requests or bugs as issues.


Cucumber test cases are almost done and on the way.


  • Write wiki article for hackful API
  • Encrypt API login (password is send without encryption to API)