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Keyring provides a common interface to a range of secure credential storage services. Originally developed as part of AWS Vault, a command line tool for securely managing AWS access from developer workstations.

Currently Keyring supports the following backends


The short version of how to use keyring is shown below.

ring, _ := keyring.Open(keyring.Config{
  ServiceName: "example",

_ = ring.Set(keyring.Item{
	Key: "foo",
	Data: []byte("secret-bar"),

i, _ := ring.Get("foo")

fmt.Printf("%s", i.Data)

For more detail on the API please check the keyring godocs


Vagrant is used to create linux and windows test environments.

# Start vagrant
vagrant up

# Run go tests on all platforms


Contributions to the keyring package are most welcome from engineers of all backgrounds and skill levels. In particular the addition of extra backends across popular operating systems would be appreciated.

This project will adhere to the Go Community Code of Conduct in the github provided discussion spaces, with the moderators being the 99designs engineering team.

To make a contribution:

  • Fork the repository
  • Make your changes on the fork
  • Submit a pull request back to this repo with a clear description of the problem you're solving
  • Ensure your PR passes all current (and new) tests
  • Ideally verify that aws-vault works with your changes (optional)

...and we'll do our best to get your work merged in