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#ifndef _LIBHISIV_H_
#define _LIBHISIV_H_
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
int venc_exit(int n);
int venc_init(int resolve);//0:720P 1:QVGA(320*240) 2:VGA(640*480)
int venc_init_more(int resolve,int mode,int fps);//resolve: 0/1/2 1280*720/320*240/640*480 mode: 0/1 H264/MJPEG
int venc_requestIDR();//request IDR frame
int venc_getFrame(char* buffer,int *datalen,int *pts,int *type);
int venc_snap(char* buff,int xRes,int yRes);
int venc_getYUV(int mode,char*buff);//mode=0 Y mode=1 UV mode = 3 YUV420(SP)
int venc_rotate(int dir);
//for audio
extern int aenc_init(int mode);// 0/1 PT_LPCM/AAC/
extern int aenc_getFrame(char* buff);
extern int aenc_exit();
//jpeg to http
extern int libyuvdist_startYuvDistService(int port);
extern int libyuvdist_updateYuv(int iHandle,char* data,int len,int seq,unsigned long timeStamp);
extern int libyuvdist_stopYuvDistService(int iHandle);
extern int libyuvdist_setSettingCallback(int iHandle,int func);//int func(int resX,int resY,int fps)
#ifdef __cplusplus