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Plan 9 from User Space
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fontsrv: fix x11 build

Change-Id: I60eca10d7749ec71dc2ffbb0fbde564a1b711fa1
Reviewed-by: Russ Cox <>
latest commit 3aca22118d
Russ Cox rsc authored
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acid merge
bin codereview: use 'git branch -v' for pending
dict now with hget
dist dist/main.html: update supported systems and commit log link.
face faces for lp.
font font: add peter face to font/times/*.font
include libdraw: refine hidpi font selection
lib all: update for Git
log ignore everything
lp lp: move devices to devices.sample
mac mac/Plumb: add URL scheme to Info.plist
mail merge
man man: document font syntaxes
ndb ndb/local: remove rsc-specific entries (oops)
news odds and ends
plumb acme: scroll a directory window when navigating if:
postscript troff: yet another case problem (OS X)
proto forgotten files
sky add here
src fontsrv: fix x11 build
tmac insert spaces after .?? request names
troff tr2post: rename charlib files to not be case-dependent (OS X)
unix unix: move Makefile so that it cannot be run accidentally
.gitignore all: update for Git
CHANGES CHANGES: add pointer to web version fix link to codereview(1)
CONTRIBUTORS venti/copy: fix bug writing directories that zero truncate
INSTALL INSTALL: fix path of quote1 and quote2
LICENSE allow less restricted use of plan9port-specific code
Makefile For annoying people like Uriel. codereview: make commit -a the default; warn about uncommitted change…
TODO Note 9P2000.u
configure For annoying people like Uriel.
install.txt install.txt: regenerate (9 man 1 intro >install.txt)
rcmain rcmain: use new $termprog variable

This is a port of many Plan 9 libraries and programs to Unix.


To install, run ./INSTALL. It builds mk and then uses mk to run the rest of the installation.

For more details, see install(1), at install.txt in this directory and at


See for more documentation. (Documentation is also in this tree, but you need to run a successful install first. After that, "9 man 1 intro".)

Intro(1) contains a list of man pages that describe new features or differences from Plan 9.

Helping out

If you'd like to help out, great! The TODO file contains a small list.

If you port this code to other architectures, please share your changes so others can benefit.

Please use codereview(1) to prepare patches.


You can use Git to keep your local copy up-to-date as we make changes and fix bugs. See the git(1) man page here ("9 man git") for details on using Git.


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