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Examples, Showcase Applications and Tutorials for SciChart.Android: High Performance Realtime Android Chart Library.

SciChart Android Charts Video

Android Multi-Pane Stock Charts Example

Android Annotations are Easy Example

Android Realtime 3D Surface Mesh Example

Android PointLine 3D Chart Example

Android Chart Examples are provided in Java & Kotlin. If you are looking for other platforms then please see here:

Note: Maven Feed Setup

To build, you will need an internet connection to download Maven dependencies. Maven depends are listed in the build.gradle files within the examples application, for example:

repositories {
    maven { url '' }
dependencies {
    implementation (group: 'com.scichart.library', name: 'core', version: '', ext: 'aar')
    implementation (group: 'com.scichart.library', name: 'data', version: '', ext: 'aar')
    implementation (group: 'com.scichart.library', name: 'drawing', version: '', ext: 'aar')
    implementation (group: 'com.scichart.library', name: 'charting3d', version: '', ext: 'aar')
    implementation (group: 'com.scichart.library', name: 'charting', version: '', ext: 'aar')
    implementation (group: 'com.scichart.library', name: 'extensions', version: '', ext: 'aar')
    implementation (group: 'com.scichart.library', name: 'extensions3d', version: '', ext: 'aar')

where latest version number can be found at our SciChart/ABTSoftware Maven feed page

Repository Contents

Scichart Showcase

The SciChart Showcase demonstrates some featured apps which show the speed, power and flexibility of the SciChart's Android Chart library. This showcase is written in Kotlin and is designed to be a demonstration of what SciChart can do. Examples include:

Android Audio Analyzer powered by SciChart

Android 4-Channel Realtime ECG powered by SciChart

  • SciChart ECG: Realtime, 4-channel ECG for medical apps
  • SciChart Audio Analyzer: Realtime Audio Analyzer which records the mic, and presents Frequency Spectrum + Spectrogram on a live updating heatmap
  • plus more coming soon!

SciChart Android Examples Suite

The SciChart Android Examples suite contain developer example code in Java to help you get started as soon as possible with SciChart.Android.

SciChart Android Examples Suite

Chart types include:

SciChart Android Tutorials

We now have a set of Tutorials targetting SciChart Android v3.x over on our website. Please find a list of 2D and 3D tutorials below:

SciChart Android Tutorials

Tech Support and Help

SciChart Android is a commercial chart control with world-class tech support. If you need help integrating SciChart to your Android apps, Contact Us and we will do our best to help!


Examples, Tutorials for SciChart Android: Realtime Android Chart Controls




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