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An introductory reinforcement learning course built on reveal.js
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Materials for the introductory reinforcement learning course A Glance at Reinforcement Learning. I also maintain a curated collection of reinforcement learning resources in the rl-resources repo.

This project is built and maintained by Adam Green -


brew install node 

npm install

npm start


  • background statistical concepts
  • Markov Decision processes
  • value function methods (DQN and it's extensions)
  • policy gradient methods
  • AlphaGo to AlphaZero
  • practical advice for experiments
  • current state of the art

Goals for the course

Introduction to concepts, ideas and terminology. Familiarity with important literature. Understanding of the state of the field today. Practical strategies to run reinforcement learning experiments.

Where to go next

Further resources (video lectures, blog posts etc) are listed in dsr-rl/

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