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AFNetworking 2.2.0

@mattt mattt released this Feb 25, 2014 · 837 commits to master since this release

  • Add default initializer to make AFHTTPRequestOperationManager consistent with AFHTTPSessionManager (Marcelo Fabri)
  • Add documentation about UIWebView category and implementing UIWebViewDelegate` (Mattt Thompson)
  • Add missing NSCoding and NSCopying implementations for AFJSONRequestSerializer` (Mattt Thompson)
  • Add note about use of -startMonitoring in AFNetworkReachabilityManager` (Mattt Thompson)
  • Add setter for needsNewBodyStream block (Carmen Cerino)
  • Add support for specifying a response serializer on a per-instance of AFURLSessionManagerTaskDelegate` (Blake Watters)
  • Add AFHTTPRequestSerializer requestWithMultipartFormRequest:writingStreamContentsToFile:completionHandler as a workaround for a bug in NSURLSession that removes the Content-Length header from streamed requests (Mattt Thompson)
  • Add NSURLRequest factory properties on AFHTTPRequestSerializer (Mattt Thompson)
  • Add UIRefreshControl+AFNetworking (Mattt Thompson)
  • Change example project to enable certificate pinning (JP Simard)
  • Change to allow self-signed certificates (Frederic Jacobs)
  • Change to make reachabilityManager property readwrite (Mattt Thompson)
  • Change to sort NSSet members during query string parameter serialization (Mattt Thompson)
  • Change to use case sensitive compare when sorting keys in query string serialization (Mattt Thompson)
  • Change to use xcpretty instead of xctool for automated testing (Kyle Fuller, Marin Usalj, Carson McDonald)
  • Change to use @selector values as keys for associated objects (Mattt Thompson)
  • Change setImageWithURL:placeholder:, et al. to only set placeholder mage if not nil (Alejandro Martinez)
  • Fix auto property synthesis warnings (Oliver Letterer)
  • Fix domain name validation for SSL certificates (Oliver Letterer)
  • Fix issue with session task delegate KVO observation (Kyle Fuller)
  • Fix placement of baseURL method declaration (Oliver Letterer)
  • Fix podspec linting error (Ari Braginsky)
  • Fix potential concurrency issues by adding lock around setting isFinishedstate inAFURLConnectionOperation` (Mattt Thompson)
  • Fix potential vulnerability caused by hard-coded multipart form data boundary (Mathias Bynens, Tom Van Goethem, Mattt Thompson)
  • Fix protocol name in #pragma mark declaration (@sevntine)
  • Fix regression causing inflated images to have incorrect orientation (Mattt Thompson)
  • Fix to AFURLSessionManager NSCoding implementation, to accommodate NSURLSessionConfiguration no longer conforming to NSCoding.
  • Fix Travis CI integration (Kyle Fuller, Marin Usalj, Carson McDonald)
  • Fix various static analyzer warnings (Philippe Casgrain, Jim Young, Steven Fisher, Mattt Thompson)
  • Fix with download progress calculation of completion units (Kyle Fuller)
  • Fix Xcode 5.1 compiler warnings (Nick Banks)
  • Fix AFHTTPRequestOperationManager to default shouldUseCredentialStorage to YES, as documented (Mattt Thompson)
  • Remove Unused format property in AFJSONRequestSerializer (Mattt Thompson)
  • Remove unused acceptablePathExtensions class method in AFJSONRequestSerializer (Mattt Thompson)
  • Update #ifdef declarations in UIKit categories to be simpler (Mattt Thompson)
  • Update podspec to includ social_media_url (Kyle Fuller)
  • Update types for 64 bit architecture (Bruno Tortato Furtado, Mattt Thompson)


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