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Air-Clinic is a project aimed at providing quick, accessible, affordable global healthcare all round the clock. Our core vision encourages social engagement to foster interactive healthcare deliver. We are utilizing the benefits of the steem blockchain and smart media token technology to bootstrap the growth of the project and provide a valuable service for all globally. Motto- Healthcare for everyone, everywhere!

Contributors: Dr. George Edeh
Programmed with: HTML, W3.CSS, PHP & JAVASCRIPT
Dependencies: Steemit Widgets, Finally Comments, Jquery, Font Awesome,
License URI:
Live Demo Address:

Short Summary:

Following our recent launch of a mobile application for HEALTHCARE, it was pertinent to review and reface the website to capture the recent changes in our goals and views.

We thus present you the modern-styled simple website that truly captures our essence. Relevant links to Android app download is properly higlighted.



Its a single page website with sections navigatable with button clicks. Its a full on responsive interface and should work well on all devices.

Here Are The Subdivisions:

  • Home: contains the navigational elements with background image, brand logo and catchy description.
  • About: contains the descriptive information about the project divided into 3 main subsections.
  • Services: contains the summary of what users can expect to get from using the web interface.
  • Team: contains a short bio of the core team members and a link to their steemit profile.
  • Contact: contains hypertext and CSS-styled links to our github, steemit, discord and whitepaper. In the future this should include our email and phone number contact.

Below is a preview of the home sample: Preview


  • Interactive UI: Like mentioned earlier, this is a friendly interface. The shortcut arrow clicks, avatar images and colourful background is welcoming.
  • Single Page App: Most of the sections are placed on the same page. Thus making it easy to scroll and absorb all information.
  • One Click Call & Email Buttons: Friendliness and interactivity is our watch word. Hence we made sure that the contact methods are easily accessible on a single click.
  • Responsive Web Design: The website is responsive different kinds of devices. The phone view is the default because most of our users own a phone.


We believe that users will enjoy this interface. Its our baby step towards a decentralized medical world using the steem blockchain.

  • Web dAPP For Simplified Medical Consultation: We are already finalizing work on our Web dAPP which will be used by everyone to access healthcare on the blockchain soon. (Done)
  • Interactive Whitepaper: This will easily explain what we are about in a friendly and modern manner.(done)
  • Interactive Full Team: The list of team mates is beyond the 3 core members. We will create a visually appealing interface to capture everyone involved in this project.(done)
  • Web Wallet Integration: This feature will show the steem user's account balance and query his/her username and profile details.
  • Profile Updates: A user can edit and update profile. This will facilitate the addition of more information.(done)
  • Worker Console: Doctors, nurses and other health workers will have their own web interface through which they can easily offer their services.
  • Posting Medical Blogs(User Blog): This will permit users to contribute to healthcare by posting blogs and viewing their blog posts.(done)
  • Native Mobile App: A native app will permit notifications and its generally easier to use not to mention faster. This will come soon after things are well setup.(done)

Contributions Are Welcome:

Interested experienced developers who want to be a part of this are welcome to contact @Nairadaddy on discord. Also you can leave a comment on this blog post or that of @Air-Clinic. All contributions will be streamlined with the goals of the project.

Find Us On GitHub:

Thank You!

Dr. George Edeh
Founder Of @Air-Clinic, Lead Developer.