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Adding metadata for mod

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How to add metadata for mod:

  1. Inside the same folder where you .tp2 file is present, create a file called: TheNameOfYouTp2File.ini (.hjson/.json5/.jsonc/.json), use "UTF8 without BOM" encoding for non-english characters (it can be ANSI for English-only).
  2. Copy and paste everything below then edit accordingly.
# File encoding: "UTF8 without BOM" encoding for non-english characters (it can be ANSI for English-only)  
# File format: ini as default and then HJSON/JSON5/JSONC/JSON (JSON doesn't allow comments) for advanced modders who want to use benefits of those file formats  
# File name: it must be the same as tp2 name: TheNameOfYouTp2File.ini => TheNameOfYouTp2File.ini (.hjson/.json5/.jsonc/.json)  
# File location: the same folder where .tp2 file is present  
# File content: every key=value pair is optional, key names are case insensitive  

# ini section header is required to avoid false detection

# Full name of the mod, without version number
Name = Mod Example - Optional Features

# Author name or nick, don't use email address
Author = AL|EN

# Short description of the mod, main goals, features etc
Description = This mod is a guide how to use optional 'Project Infinity' features.

# Web address of mod Homepage
Homepage =

#  Web address of mod dedicated forum or forum thread 
Forum =

# Delta Updates / New version download
# Delta Updates will only download mod changes, not the whole mod again.
# If you use (preferred hosting site), simply use
# Because it's github-based, it offers stability and consistency. It's impossible to download partial
# files you either download it correctly or don't download it at all, it's how git itself works internally.
# How the update from supported websites is preformed:
# - the update process don't modify mods inside game directory, only the directory where user has extracted it
# - update process can be only initiated by player himself, in order to not break desired install state
# - user-created files inside mod folder are untouched
# Which update channels would be offered for players:
# - if mod doesn't have any releases or prereleses, offer updates for each new commit
# - if mod has releases, offer to update only if there is a new release
# - if mod has only prereleases, offer updates for new prerelease
# - if mod has both releases and prereleases, offer updates for releases only, do not offer the update
#   for new prereleases unless there is a global option "Allow for prereleases" enabled

Download =

# If you want to use unsupported sites, auto-update is not possible, please check requirements and put direct download link
# Requirements for unsupported sites:
# - forum attachments won't work because the download links will be changed every time when you update mod package
# - mod package should be downloaded using 'wget' commandline tool: wget.exe --no-check-certificate 'link'
# - executing: wget.exe --no-check-certificate --spider 'link' should be able to get file size
# - links do not expire after 30 or more days without download ( speeedyshare, mediafire etc has forced expiration dates)
# - hosting site won't require user interaction or captcha ( googledrive, mediafire etc require user interaction)
# - hosting site don't advertise any kind of adware/crapware etc

Example presentation for Tweaks Anthology:

Real mod examples:

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