ARIES Embedded Mxx SoM and Mxx EVK support for OE-core/Yocto.
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This layer provides support for ARIES Embedded Mxx SoM and Mxx EVK for OE-core/Yocto 2.4 (rocko).

The following boards are supported:

  • M28EVK
  • M53EVK
  • MA5D4EVK

This Yocto layer could be used to build an embedded Linux distribution as shown below. The example is for the MCVEVP. For other EVKs just substitue the machine name "mcvevk" with the name of your EVK:

  • Create a working directory:

    $ mkdir <work_dir>
  • Get the Yocto sources:

    $ cd <work_dir>
    $ git clone
    $ git clone -b rocko git://
  • Setup the build environment for the MCVEVP:

    $ source poky/oe-init-build-env mcvevk
  • Add the line MACHINE ?= "mcvevk" to conf/local.conf:

    $ vi conf/local.conf
    #MACHINE ?= "mpc8315e-rdb"
    MACHINE ?= "mcvevk"
  • To save disk space you may want to add the line (optional):

    INHERIT += "rm_work"
  • Add the line <work-dir>/meta-aries to conf/bblayers.conf:

    $ vi conf/bblayers.conf
    BBLAYERS ?= " \
      /work/aries/poky/meta \
      /work/aries/poky/meta-poky \
      /work/aries/poky/meta-yocto-bsp \
      /work/aries/meta-aries \
  • Build the image core-image-full-cmdline for the MCVEVK:

    $ bitbake core-image-full-cmdline
  • Finally list the build results (images):

    $ ls -1 tmp/deploy/image/mcvevk
    core-image-full-cmdline-mcvevk.wic.xz  # Compressed full image for the eMMC
    u-boot-with-spl.sfp                    # Content of the "magic" partition
    fitImage                               # FIT image with zImage + DTB file
    zImage-socfpga_cyclone5_mcvevk.dtb     # DTB file

Other useful resources: