A minimal (Sass based) grid system for mobile first responsive design
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Minimal Grid v2.0.0

A minimal (Sass / Scss based) grid system for mobile first responsive design

Version 2.0.0 is a complete overhaul using mixins over extends, see the updated docs below.


  • Percentage based (@include grid(50) instead of class="span_6")
  • Mobile screen first breakpoints (from-medium instead of desktop)
  • Sass / Sccs based (no ugly classs in your html)
  • Easy to extend or customise per project


Check out an example

How to install - As a Sass / Scss partial

@import "partials/minimal-grid";

How to use

  1. Open _minimal-grid.scss
  2. Set your breakpoints (pixel values are converted to ems)

    $breakpoint-small:  em(400);
    $breakpoint-medium: em(800);
    $breakpoint-large:  em(1200);
    $breakpoint-xlarge: em(1600);
  3. Write your HTML

    Let's say you have 6 `items to show on a page, you could write some HTML like this:

    <div class="feature">
        <div class="feature__item"> a </div>
        <div class="feature__item"> b </div>
        <div class="feature__item"> c </div>
        <div class="feature__item"> d </div>
        <div class="feature__item"> e </div>
        <div class="feature__item"> f </div>
  4. Write your Sass / Scss

    Lets say you want these items to be 50% on a small screen, 33.33% on a medium screen and then 16.66% on a large screen. You could achive that with minimal-grid and some Scss like this:

    .feature {
        @include grid-container;
        &__item {
            @include grid-item;
            @include grid(50);
            @include breakpoint(from-medium) {
                @include grid(33);
            @include breakpoint(from-large) {
                @include grid(16);
  5. That's it!

This is very much a work in progress & pull requests welcome


  • 2.0.0 : Major refactoring to use mixins over extends, switch to gulp
  • 1.0.1 : Fixed typo in xlarge breakpoint
  • 1.0.0 : Inital Commit


  • MIT License