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Jade and Jinja2 template support for Django (using PyJade's Jinja2 extension w/ Coffin)
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Jade and Jinja2 template support for Django using PyJade's Jinja2 extension with Coffin.

PyJade's Django template loader lacks mixin functionality due to the fact Django has no macro support. This package uses Coffin with PyJade's Jinja2 extension to overcome this. It also provides a few fixes/tweaks to make jade's behavior in Django more closely match the native JavaScript jade engine.

What this package does:

  • Registers PyJade's Jinja2 extension with coffin so .jade files are rendered though Jinja2 which gives us mixin support.
  • Add relative path include support by subclassing coffinEnvironment and overriding the join_path method. This matches jade's native JavaScript engine's behavior.
  • Sets Jinja2's autoescape to false which allows HTML escaping to be handled in Jade templates.


Install Package

Install with pip:

pip install pyjade-coffin

Setup Django

Add coffin and pyjade-coffin to INSTALLED_APPS in



Shortcut Render Functions

To render a jade/jinja2 template you can use the render functions in the pyjade_coffin.shortcuts module provides:

  • render_to_response
  • render
  • render_to_string

These functions work just like django.shortcuts' render functions except they render Jade and Jinja2 templates.

NOTE: Jade templates are detected by their file extension so only *.jade files get processed by PyJade.

Here is an example view:

from django.template import RequestContext
from pyjade_coffin.shortcuts import render_to_response

def test_jade(request):
    c = RequestContext(request, {
        'test': ['this', 'is', 'test', 'data'],
        'check': "<em>Autoescape Test</em>",

    return render_to_response('test_page.jade', c)
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