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DEPRECATED - use accesslint.js instead

accesslint.rb Gem Version Code Climate

Run web accessibility audits on urls or files, from the command line or within Ruby.


AccessLint uses the Accessibility Developer Tools javascript library to make assertions on the DOM via PhantomJS. The rules that are applied are listed below.


First, install PhantomJS (full guide). On OS X:

$ brew install phantomjs

Then install the rubygem:

$ gem install access_lint


Command Line

From the command line, specify a url or filename to be audited:

$ access_lint audit # url or a path to a file
# results ...


Run the audit from a Ruby application like so

$ irb
> require 'access_lint'
=> true
=> results ...

Results Object

    "PASS": [                                                           # Status group
            "element_names": ["<p class=\"foo\">relevant element</p>"], # applicable DOM elements
            "severity": "WARNING",                                      # 'WARNING' or 'SEVERE'
            "status": "PASS",                                           # 'PASS', 'FAIL', or 'NA'
            "title": "Some description"                                 # rule description
        { ... }
    "NA": [ { ... } ],
    "FAIL": [ { ... }]


For full descriptions of the audit rules, visit the Accessibility Developer Tools project wiki.

Code Title
AX_ARIA_01 Elements with ARIA roles must use a valid, non-abstract ARIA role.
AX_ARIA_02 ARIA attributes which refer to other elements by ID should refer to elements which exist in the DOM.
AX_ARIA_03 Elements with ARIA roles must have all required attributes for that role.
AX_ARIA_04 ARIA state and property values must be valid.
AX_ARIA_05 role=main should only appear on significant elements.
AX_ARIA_06 aria-owns should not be used if ownership is implicit in the DOM.
AX_ARIA_07 An element's ID must not be present in more that one aria-owns attribute at any time.
AX_ARIA_08 Elements with ARIA roles must ensure required owned elements are present.
AX_ARIA_09 Elements with ARIA roles must be in the correct scope.
AX_ARIA_10 This element has an unsupported ARIA attribute.
AX_ARIA_11 This element has an invalid ARIA attribute.
AX_ARIA_12 This element does not support ARIA roles, states and properties.
AX_AUDIO_01 Audio elements should have controls.
AX_COLOR_01 Text elements should have a reasonable contrast ratio.
AX_FOCUS_01 These elements are focusable but either invisible or obscured by another element.
AX_FOCUS_02 Elements with onclick handlers must be focusable.
AX_FOCUS_03 Avoid positive integer values for tabIndex.
AX_HTML_01 The web page should have the content's human language indicated in the markup.
AX_HTML_02 An element's ID must be unique in the DOM.
AX_IMAGE_01 Meaningful images should not be used in element backgrounds.
AX_TEXT_01 Controls and media elements should have labels.
AX_TEXT_02 Images should have an alt attribute.
AX_TEXT_04 The purpose of each link should be clear from the link text.
AX_TITLE_01 The web page should have a title that describes topic or purpose.
AX_VIDEO_01 Video elements should use elements to provide captions.


Visit the project backlog:


  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request


[use instead - this library is no longer maintained]







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